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Apartments are internal only spaces within a node that offer some housing functionality.[2]

Players can purchase instanced apartments within a Town (stage 4 node) or above, if apartment complexes have been developed within that node.[2]

  • There will be 50 apartments available for purchase at the town stage if the node's mayor chooses to construct apartment buildings in the node, if there is an available plot.[3][4]
  • The number of available apartments increases as a normal part of node advancement.[4]

The mayor may additionally construct apartment buildings when the node hits stage 4 at one of the building plots in the node, along with cities gaining additional static housing and apartments by default as a normal part of the leveling process.[4]Steven Sharif

Household security

A permissions system will enable an owner to grant access to specific parts of their housing.[5][6][7]

  • Ability to open the door and enter the home.[6][7]
  • Access to crops.[6]
  • Ability to deposit or withdraw items from storage containers.[6][8][9]
  • Permission to decorate but not take anything from the house.[6]
  • A property has a single owner.[5]
    • Access lists can be used to mimic co-ownership.[7]
    • Payment of taxes may be via a "gentleman's agreement".[10]
  • Mayors are able to allocate treasury funding to hire mercenary NPCs to defend their node during sieges.[11]

It'll be a single owner based system for those types of properties- for properties in general, but it doesn't prevent players obviously from you know collaborating and pooling resources in order to achieve certain achievements in the game.[5]Steven Sharif

Apartment options

Apartment options.[2]

  • Apartment rentals offer node citizenship.
  • Different price points offer different sized apartments.
  • Prices for apartments will fluctuate depending on the number of units already sold in the node.
  • Apartments are instanced and only limited in number by the increasing price.
  • Apartments can be decorated as required.

Apartment destructibility

Apartments may be destroyed in the following circumstances:[12]

  • If their building was destroyed during a node siege, even if the siege was not successful.
  • If the siege delevels the node below stage 4 (Town).

Player housing designs and decorations are retained and can be placed again later if the housing is destroyed during a node siege.[12][13]

  • Blueprints are mailed to the player to utilize for future placement.[14]
  • Destroyed freeholds are subject to material loss.[14]
  • Certificates will track major milestones (such as Furnaces and Homesteads, for example).[12][13]
  • A possible design idea is for items such as furnishings to be boxed in crates that are accessible inside the new home.[15]

Destructible environments

Destructible environments will be a core element of how players interact with the world, in both Ashes of Creation Apocalypse and Ashes of Creation the MMORPG.[18]

Not just in APOC where we want a completely destructible environment, but also in the MMORPG when it comes to Dungeons and traversing certain areas. We want destruction to be a very core element of how players make their way through the world.[18]Steven Sharif

Housing decorations

Players may decorate their player housing and other types of buildings.[22]

Quality furniture can be crafted in-game based on the skill of the craftsperson.[27]

Your ability to craft more luxurious furniture comes with how much of a master craftsman you've become in the furnishing profession... This isn't like you know, I want my house to look good, I got to fork over 50 bucks in cosmetics... Players can craft in-game based on their dedication and focus in that aspect the artisan tree.[27]Steven Sharif

Housing types

Player housing Type.[2] Availability.[2] Limit.[28]
Apartments Instanced. Town stage and higher. One per server.
Freeholds Open world. Village stage and higher. One per account.
Static housing In-node. Village stage and higher. One per server.

Real estate

Players buy the deeds for housing from the node itself.[29] Players can also buy and sell properties from other players.[2]

  • Housing will have a base price that scales with the number of citizens in the node.[30]
  • The developers are considering an auction-based method for listing new properties that become available for purchase when a node advances.[31]
    • A grace period will occur before the housing becomes available for auction.[31]
    • Bids will then be accepted starting at a minimum reserve value that is based on the number of citizens in that node.[31]
    • At the end of the auction, the highest bidder will win the house.[31]
  • Static housing and apartments can be listed and sold to other players at prices determined by the player-driven economy.[32][33]
  • Housing ownership can default back to the node if the owner fails to pay their property taxes. A balance and penalties will be charged to the new purchaser of the home in the manner of a "foreclosure process".[30]
  • Players will not be able to exceed their allotment of housing in the game.[35]

This will allow players to transfer real property goods. This includes ... static housing, this includes apartments that they may own; and they can sell those because those will have a limited and finite quantity.[35]Steven Sharif

Rental and leasing concepts are currently under consideration.[35]

Some concepts that we have is going to be rental or leases that could be had allowing players to kind of lease a property for a period of time where they will have control rights over utilizing storage based on the area, controlling the furniture or access point; all that kind of stuff.[35]Steven Sharif

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