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Colonial was a PAX East 2018 exclusive cosmetic costume.[2]

In bundle



I Cosmetici offriranno una vasta gamma di modifiche in Ashes of Creation.[4]


Vestments of the Runecarvers pre-order pack cosmetic costume.[5]

The costume cosmetics that are included in each month's pre-order set are indeed a full piece, and when you put it on it will cover your entire appearance. You will not be able to mix and match/toggle those pieces individually (other than your helmet) when you're wearing the entire costume. This is partially why there is a separate category for accessories - those are able to be worn/equipped on a more individualized basis, so you can mix and match to your liking![6]Sarah Flanagan

Costumes were available for purchase from the cosmetic store.[7]

Full costumes do not mix and match pieces.[12]Steven Sharif

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