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Livestock (and crops) are used to provide ingredients:[1]

List of cooking ingredients

Item Icon Type Profession Rarity Level requirement
Beef Animal byproduct Farming
Eggs Chicken Egg Icon (Large).png Animal byproduct Farming
Milk Cow's Milk Icon (Large).png Animal byproduct Farming
Pig Meat Pig Meat Icon (Large).png Animal byproduct Farming


While the recipes in Ashes will include unique Verran and Sanctus ingredients and cuisine, it will also have familiar dishes and recipes present, which may include Turkey and cranberries. The Verran cookbook is diverse and broad in it's available dishes.[2]Steven Sharif

Cooking is a processing profession in Ashes of Creation.[3][4][5][6]

To make cooking relevant, all food needs to do something.[7]Peter Pilone

Recipes are discovered and can be combined to create unique dishes.[7]

You'll be able to take the items that you cook and you will be able to place them in a business should you choose.[4]Steven Sharif

Crafted furniture may contain bonuses based on the quality and grade of the furniture.[8][9]

Food and drink

Food and drink concept art.[10]

You know what they say, a loaf a day will keep the hunger away![10]

Food and drink in Ashes of Creation will provide benefits (buffs) based on the type of consumable.[7]

  • The higher quality the food item, the greater duration of the buffs.[11][8]
    • Buffs from some very high quality consumables may persist through death.[12]
  • The quality and duration of food buffs can be increased through the furniture system.[11][8]
    For example if you have a completed dish and you process that dish inside of let's say an oven that has to be constructed and placed within a certain grade home, you can increase the effects.[8]Steven Sharif
  • Food buffs can also be proximity-based, such as with tavern consumables.[8]
  • Consumable items will not degrade over time.[11]
  • Ashes of Creation is not a survival game. Characters will not need to eat food to stay alive.[7]



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