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Skill Icon Origin Description
Ball Lightning Ball Lightning Icon.png Mage Creates a large ball of highly charged electricity that travels slowly forward, dealing rapid periodic lightning damage to enemies it overlaps with and applying 1 Electrified stack to targets with each hit.[1][2][3]
Battle Cry Battle Cry.png Fighter Unleash a resounding war bellow, applying the Riled effect to the caster and all nearby party members and Shaken to all nearby enemies. Gain 5 Combat Momentum for each target that was Riled. Riled targets have increased stability and have increased chance of tripping Shaken enemies.[4]
Blizzard Blizzard.png Mage Channel a massive blizzard around you, raining a barrage of hail shards upon your enemies while channeling. Each shard impact deals ice damage in a small area around it. All enemies in the blizzard also acquire 1 stack of Chilled periodically. Activate the ability again to end the channel early.[5][6][1]
Chain Lightning Chain Lightning Icon clean.png Mage Release a powerful streak of lightning that hits your primary target and then chains outward to all nearby enemies from that target, dealing lightning damage and applying 3 stacks of Electrified to each target hit.[7][8][9]
Cone of Cold Cone of Ice.png Mage Blasts a cone of cold in front of the caster, dealing ice damage and applying 1 stack of Chilled to each enemy hit.[1][10][11]
Divine Censure DivineCensureIcon.jpg Cleric Hurls a radiant spear at the target, dealing damage.[12][13][14][15]
Fissure Mage Spell 7.png Mage Call forth a line of jagged earth spikes in front of the[sic] you, dealing earth damage and applying 10 stacks of Stagger to each enemy hit along its path while launching them upwards.[16]
Frostbolt Frostbolt (Active).png Mage Launch a bolt of frost towards your target, dealing ice damage and applying 2 Chilled stacks to the target on impact. Chilled reduces movement speed of the target for each stack applied. When the target reaches 5 stacks, they become Frozen, rooting them in place for the duration. Hitting a frozen enemy with a lightning spell causes them to Shatter, dealing significant damage and removing the Frozen effect.[17][18]
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike (Active).png Mage Held ability: Charge up a bolt of lightning to unleash upon your target, dealing lightning damage and applying 2 stacks of Electrified to the target. This deals additional damage based on how long it was charged. Electrified reduces the target's magical mitigation for each stack applied. When the target reaches 10 stacks, all Electrified stacks are consumed and they become temporarily Shocked. Whenever a Shocked enemy takes damage, they take additional damage and 1 stack of Shocked is consumed. Shocked is initially applied with 20 stacks.[19][20]
Magma Field (Lavastorm).png Mage Erupts the earth at target location, forming a boiling pool of lava that deals fire damage to enemies per tick while periodically applying a stack of Burning to enemies within the area.[21]
Mark of the Bear Mark of the Bear.png Ranger Marks the target, reducing their mitigation by 25%.[22]
Mark of the Raven Mark of the Raven.png Ranger Marks the target, triggering bonus damage every time the target is hit. The lower the health on the target is, the higher the damage.[23]
Mark of the Tiger Mark of the Tiger Icon clean.png Ranger Marks the target, increasing critical chance versus the target by 50%.[24]
Quake Quake.png Mage Held ability: Cast a powerful earthquake that deals more damage the longer it was charged and applies 10 stacks of Staggered to all enemies around the caster. If the spell was fully charged, this applies Tripped instead of Staggered.[25]
Relentless Form of the Avalanche Relentless Form of the Avalanche Skill Tree IconAlpha.png Fighter Form of the Avalanche causes your weapon combo attacks to apply 3 stacks of Staggered to enemies hit, plus 1 additional stack per 30 Combat Momentum you have. Staggered reduces physical accuracy by 0.1% per stack and physical disable reduction by 1% per stack.[26]
Rupture Rupture.png Fighter Deal physical damage and apply a debuff to the target. While the debuff is active, the target acquires 5 wound stacks per second that they are moving. After 5 seconds, the largest takes heavy damage, plus additional damage for each stack of wound it has.[27]
Slumber Slumber (Active).png Mage Applies the sleeping condition to targets affected within a small area around the primary target, rendering them unable to move or take any action. Any damage dealt to a sleeping target will break the effect. Duration is reduced by 20% for each additional target hit, to a minimum of 40% of base duration.[28][29][30]
Smite Smite.png Cleric Smite your target, dealing instant damage and applying a stack of Burning to target enemy. Has no cast time and deals increased damage if activated within melee range of the target. This attack always critically hits on targets under the effect of Condemn.[31][32]

Status effects

Status effects (Status conditions) in Ashes of Creation include buffs and debuffs applied to players or creatures. Certain status effects will stack to increase the longevity of the effect, but there are diminishing returns on certain conditions to avoid situations such as stun locking.[33][34]

There's unique rules with regards to stacking based on the type of status condition. So in the event that the status condition may not stack, we have certain stacking rules that might increase the longevity of the status condition with the second application, but it's important to note that we do have the concept of diminishing returns; and that certain types of status conditions share certain diminishing return groupings. So that obviously a character can't be like stun locked or silence locked or just a particular type of status condition lock.[34]Steven Sharif
  • Certain bosses may have very high resistances, or may be immune to some status effects. This will not prevent other effects or damage from being applied to them.[35][36]
    • There are diminishing returns and max stack counts for each type of status effect. This may change based on testing.[35]
Q: Have you given any thought towards adding debuff protection, such as having immunity to stuns for some seconds after having been stunned during a Siege battle?
A: What you're talking about is really called diminishing returns; and when it comes to status conditions, the ability to apply certain passive resistance to status conditions if you've suffered from a status condition of a particular type, you get an increased resistance against those; and that scales. So if by chance you do get stunned maybe a couple of times, it would be near impossible to stun you for a third or fourth time. And then you get to save that higher resistance for some period of time; and that just makes the gameplay more compelling. We've all played games where you can get stun-locked and that is a really bad feeling; and it's not even fun for the person who's doing the stun-lock... It's just not a good compelling type of gameplay. So in order to avoid that, and to accommodate a massively multiplayer setting, you have to utilize things like diminishing returns that can increase your resistances when you suffer those types of effects.[33]Steven Sharif
Q: Can you explain a little bit more about the staggering and how status effects, stagger and stun and that whole interaction works?
A: Staggering is a type of status condition that can be applied through certain skills and the type of synergy systems we're going for is that certain archetypes and class kits will have access to a number of what we call first-tier status conditions. Those types of status conditions are general status conditions that can be applied across a host of skills and a number of different archetypes and class kits; and they can progress when synergized with other types of status conditions or abilities to tier two level status effects. And so for example, you saw that one of the abilities that the Cleric has at level 15 is the Chains of Restraint; and when the Chains of Restraint lays down that AoE of course, it ticks for damage over time, but it also applies the stagger condition. However, if the target was already subject to the staggered condition, then it gets promoted to a stunned condition. Now the difference between staggered and stun: in a staggered state the creature may not use abilities. They can do basic attack functions, they could cast spells if they had spells access to spells, but their physical abilities would be muted or would be essentially inaccessible during the staggered effect. Now a stun condition obviously is a more amplified status condition where you cannot take any actions and so the Fighter's ability Whirlwind had a staggered application available to it, so when the Cleric chooses to use its Chains of Restraintability, if they use it after the fighter applies their staggered condition then the chains will force a stun effect.[38]Steven Sharif

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