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La salute è una stat in Ashes of Creation.[1][2]

  • GIocatori che non sono nello stesso party, raid, alleanza, o guilda non saranno in grado di vedere le percentuali di salute degli altri giocatori nè il valore esatto della barra di salute.[3][1][2]
    • Questo non è implementato al momento in alfa-1.[3]

Riguardo al vedere la salute di un'altro giocatore: come si sa la targhetta giocatore deteriorerà per dare un'idea che "hey hanno ricevuto danno e sono danneggiati in maniera significativa", ma non avrai una percentuale. Non avrai un misura su barra esatta, a meno che non sei nel loro party o raid.[2]Steven Sharif


info-orange.pngQuesta sezione contiene informazioni dai test Alpha-1. Verrà aggiornato quando saranno rese disponibili nuove informazioni.
Personaggio stats and attributes.[5][6]
Stat Base stat Level 1 Cleric Level 1 Mage Level 1 Tank
Health.[7][2] Health 224
Mana.[7] Mana 293
Power.[7][5][6] Power 10
Dexterity.[7][5][6] Dexterity 10
Constitution.[7][5][6] Constitution 10
Will.[7] Will 12
Wisdom.[7][5][6] Wisdom 14
Mentality.[7][5][6] Mentality 13
Physical Damage Bonus.[7] Power 13
Physical Disable Modifier.[7] Power 12
Physical Critical Damage Bonus.[7] Power 12
Physical Skill Cooldown.[7] Dexterity 6
Physical Critical Rate Bonus.[7] Dexterity 6
Physical Evasion Bonus.[7] Dexterity 7
Physical Accuracy.[7] Dexterity 192
HP Regeneration.[7] Constitution 3
Physical Defense Mitigation.[7] Constitution 7
Physical Disable Defense Constitution 7
Physical Block Chance.[5][6][8] Constitution 17
Magical Attack Damage.[5][6] Will 24
Magical Critical Damage Will 23
Magical Disable Chance Will 13
Magical Casting Speed Wisdom 6
Magical Cooldown Modifier Wisdom 7
Magical Critical Rate.[8] Wisdom 7
Magical Accuracy Wisdom 8
Mana Regeneration Mentality 3
Magical Defense Mitigation Mentality 8
Magical Disable Defense Mentality 8
Magical Block Chance.[5][6][8] Mentality 18

Players will have significant agency over the allocation of their stat progression.[9]

  • There will be diminishing returns on certain stats, but there won't be hard caps.[11]

Healing skills

info-orange.pngQuesta sezione contiene informazioni dai test Alpha-1. Verrà aggiornato quando saranno rese disponibili nuove informazioni.
Skill Icon Base skill
Barrier Barrier.png Sacrifice 25% of your maximum health to place a health shield on target ally for 10 seconds. Does not stack.[12][13]
Communal Restoration Communal Restoration Icon2.png Restore health to all party members in range instantly, plus additional healing over time. Allies under the HoT also receive +10% maximum health for its duration.[14][15] This can overheal.[14]
Consecrating Wave Consecrating Wave.png Send forth a cone of radiance that deals radiant damage to all enemies while healing the ten nearest allies.[16][17]
Defiant Light Defiant Light.png Heal target ally for 50% of their maximum health over 10 seconds. If that target would receive fatal damage while under this effect, this effect is consumed and prevents that target's death, healing them for 25% of their maximum health instead.[18][19]
Deliverance Deliverance.png Held ability: Charges up healing energy that heals a target ally upon release, scaling in power the longer it is charged and the more % missing health of the target.[20][21]
Devotion DevotionIcon.jpg Launch an orb of energy into the air that will fall upon your target, healing them.[22][23][24][25]
Divine Censure DivineCensureIcon.jpg Hurls a radiant spear at the target, dealing damage.[26][23][27][25]
Divine Flare Divine Flare.png Place a targeted area heal on the ground that heals all targets within after several seconds. Total healing is split between all targets hit.[28][29]
Divine Infusion Divine Infusion.png Consume Divine Power to instantly complete the remaining cast time of any healing spell currently being cast. The amount of Divine Power consumed is proportional to the amount of cast time remaining upon activation.[30][31][32][33]
Divine Light DivineLightIcon.jpg Heals your target with a flash of light. Reduces the cooldown of Devotion and Radiant Burst.[34][23]
Flash Cure Flash Cure.png Instantly heal target ally. This may be used during other ability activations.[35][36]
Healing Aura Healing Aura.png Provides healing to nearby defenders over time.[37]
Healing Touch Healing Touch.png Heal target ally in melee range for a large amount of health.[38][39]
Indomitable Spirit Indomitable Spirit.png 30% increased max HP and 30% increased healing received.[40]
Judgment Judgment Icon2.png Cast a heal on target ally for a large amount of health. If this is cast on an enemy, it instead deals radiant damage to the target and applies 2 stacks of Burning.[41][42]
Mend Mend.png Instantly launch a healing projectile toward target ally. Each charge of this ability consumed after the first has no mana cost, and restores an increasing amount of mana to the caster based on the number of missing charges. Consecutive uses of the ability will gain bonus healing.[43][44]
Radiant Burst RadiantBurstIcon.jpg Heals allies around you in a wide area for a large amount.[45] Stacks up to 3 times.[23]
Regeneration RegenerationIcon.jpg Bathe your target with restorative energy that heals them over time.[46][23]
Resplendent Beam Resplendent Beam.png Held ability: Fire a beam of healing energy toward a target ally. Charging this spell allows the beam to bounce to up to 5 additional friendly targets closest to the original target, based on how long it was charged. The amount of healing is reduced for each subsequent target.[47][48]
Shake It Off Shake It Off.png Activate to instantly restore 50% of all damage taken in the past 4 seconds. Always heals for at least 10% of your maximum HP.[49]
Soothing Glow Soothing Glow.png Apply a healing over time effect to target ally. Reapplying this effect extends its duration on the target by its base duration value.[50][51]
Wings of Salvation Wings of Salvation.png Sprout phoenix-like wings and leap to target ally, then grant a small amount of temporary health to that target on arrival.[52][53] An ally is defined as any non-combatant player or non-mob NPC.[54]

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