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Ceneri della creazione logo.[1]

Ashes of Creation is a direct reference to the storyline. Without giving too much away, the phoenix is going to be a persistent symbol throughout the first phase of the storyline, and the world that the players will be inhabiting is a long-lost world that has suffered devastating calamity.[2]Jeffrey Bard

The Phoenix is the celestial avatar of the Goddess of creation. Her sacrifice protected the people of Verra during the apocalypse.[3]Steven Sharif

There are different parts to the Lore in Ceneri della creazione.[4]

These story arcs drive one or more quest lines.[4]

We're keeping lore very close to the chest and the reason for that is because it is very rich. It is diverse. It will have applications outside of just the MMORPG. We intend to take it much further, but I want it to be something that the players get to reveal themselves, that's not just handed to them and then the experience is lost. They should feel when they're experiencing this that it relates to them on a personal level.[5]Steven Sharif

It is about mythology and discovering what truths mythologies are talking about and finding out what really happened on this world so long ago; and that's part of that discovery process; and we want people to feel that throughout the game, not just in terms of lore but in terms of the world itself.[6]Jeffrey Bard


The story of creation tells us of a race of beings known as The Ancients. Created in the likeness of what was once The Ten. The Ten imbued all of their qualities into one race to have stewardship over all of creation. The power of the Ancients grew and a rift divided the Ten in how to accommodate their new creation. Three of the Ten separated from the others and began to teach the Ancients the Secrets of the Essence. When the Seven learned of this, a great celestial battle ensued. Eons passed and you watched as the fight continued within the celestial kingdom. Some say it was the fight that created the stars and heaven we see today. With every blow between the Ten a star was born. When the battle was complete, the others and the Ancients were banished by the Seven into the Void. The Seven found the error of their ways and decided to split their qualities into four races instead of one; and this is how the Humans, Elves, Orcs and Dwarves came to be. You watch as the Seven created Verra and placed each of the races within their respective locations. As the story came to an end, a dark figure at a distance grew closer to you. Until all you could see was the darkness. And you wake up in a sweat after a nightmare.[7]Steven Sharif

Pantheon of gods

"Planetarium" concept art by Ryan Richmond.[8]

The beginning of the creation of the universe that exists within Ashes of Creation was a result of a group of god beings. There were ten of them and there was a celestial struggle in this universe that resulted in a fraction of those gods. And there exists within this story two components of good and evil.[9]Steven Sharif

The ten deities within Ceneri della creazione formed a pantheon of gods.[10] There was a celestial struggle among the gods that fractured them into good and evil.[9]

Early in the creation of the Universe the pantheon of gods was split. Some gods influence the corrupt side of beings that exist in the Universe. It is possible through questing and player decision to join or worship those gods.[11]

If the Verran races were combined they’d be the ancients.[15]Steven Sharif

The gods in Ceneri della creazione represent different aspects of the Universe, and feelings as well.[16]

  • Goddess of Love.[16]
  • Goddess of Creation.[17][16][18]
    • The Phoenix is the celestial avatar of the Goddess of Creation.[3]
  • Goddess of Fate (Norlan).[18][19]
  • God of Hope (Resna).[20]
  • God of Truth (Shol).[21]

Each god... has a specific realm that they relate to in the world and its creation.[9]Steven Sharif

We have a very rich lore on the pantheon of gods, but it's something that I want to make sure players discover in-game, not told about.[16]Steven Sharif

There are six primary religions as well as an Sottorealtà religion.[23][24]

  • Religion is intended to be a motivator, not an aesthetic.[25]
  • Choosing a religion enables a player to walk a light or a dark path.[9]

We're talking about a pantheon here, not necessarily separate religions. They're all kind of offshoots of who is the better god, or who is the god who identifies best with you.[9]Jeffrey Bard

Orders of the seven

The orders of the seven are religious organizations corresponding to the seven grand temples of Verra.[20]

  1. The Order of hope is an Aelan human order based in the capital city of Aela. The patron deity is Resna.[20]
  2. The Order of fate is a Kaivek orc order headquartered in the capital city of Ren. Patron deity is Norlan.[19]
  3. The Order of truth is a Pyrian elven order headquartered in the capital city of Amera. Patron deity is Shol.[21]

Within the temples of the seven there exist different levels of organizations that call on only the most devout followers to serve. Depending on the follower's skills, services could mean many things. For those among the followers who hold a certain set of skills, there are the orders of the seven. Each of the orders answers to a different hierarchy within the various grand temples of the seven that are found throughout Verra.[20]Steven Sharif


Eight of the nine races in Ceneri della creazione.[26]

Ceneri della creazione offers nine playable races.[27][28]

Parent race Races
Aela Humans Kaelar.[29] Vaelune.[29]
Dünzenkell Dwarves Dünir.[29] Niküa.[29]
Kaivek Orcs Ren'Kai.[29] Vek.[29]
Pyrian Elves Empyrean.[29] Py'Rai.[29]

Verra is a world with rich and diverse cultures. Much of its important history has been dominated by the major races. Humans of the coast and plains, Orcs within the hills and the marshes, Elves in the forest and the riverlands, and the esteemed Dwarves of the mountains. The major races have held dominance through countless wars and skirmishes between the lesser races of Verra. Decades may pass between these flareups of violence. There are many minor races on Verra. Some of the minor races exist in makeshift villages or tribes if you will. Some of the major villages among the minor races are comprised primarily of the Giants, less reputable sects of Human, Gnomes, and Halflings. The Halflings are not Halflings in a traditional sense but actually half-bloods of different races.[31]Steven Sharif

Wandering the darker places in the world lie truly sinister abominations of creation. The great churches of civilization often dispatch heroes of the state to eliminate these threats to mortals. There currently exist four great nations on Verra. This is 25 years roughly before the fall: The Aelan Empire, Pyrian Kingdom, the Kaivek Protectorate, and the nation of the Dünzenkell. There was not always only four great nations. Long ago the races were more divided into many nations and city states.[32]Steven Sharif

In the 7,000 years of recorded history, wars upon wars were fought. Some for land, others for resources, many for beliefs. Royal houses stood and fell over the years. Some now long bereft of lordship. Many city states exist in Verra. Some self-governed bastions of democracy and republics alike. Others are vassal states at the behest of their benefactors.[33]Steven Sharif

Aela humans

Aela Humans are split into two races: Kaelar and Vaelune.[35]

The Aelan empire is the most recent successor of the once great house of Lyneth. For over one thousand years the house of Lyneth ruled over the Aela. A golden age endured for most of their reign. It was only during the dawn of [the last century before the fall], during the Great War of the Undying that the house fell. With no suitable heir to the Lyneth throne the country fell into chaos. What arose is the fragile republic we see today. Overseen by the Emperor elected through the Council of Five: The five who govern the greatest cities on the Empire. The Aelan empire is by far the largest nation in all of Verra, with over eight million souls among its inhabitants. Aelans also represent the single largest population on Verra. Their borders touch upon every other nation; and with their interests of expansion on the seas of Verra, they are able to deploy their widely feared armies to any shore. The Empire uses this fear to bully many city states, bending them to their will. Those who deny the will of the Empire often find themselves at the end of a sword.[36]Steven Sharif

Doren Greyshore

Hundreds of years before the first Harbinger appeared in the Verran sky, under the rule of King Fentis Lyneth VIII, there lived a great Aelan explorer named Doren Greyshore. Doren sailed the first ships to the shores of Eranthia, where he established one of the wealthiest guilds the 10 seas had ever seen: The Greyshore Company. Their motto - to this day - still holds true: "The sails of diplomacy are driven by the winds of trade, within the seas of opportunity."[37]

Dünzenkell dwarves

Dünzenkell Dwarves are split into two races: Dünir and Niküa.[38]

Deep in the mountains of Verra legend tells of a forge created by the gods, from whence all Dwarves are originated. Fabled to be the first created of the major races, the Dwarves are said to have arrived on the continents with ships made of stone and steel. Dwarven smiths and craftsmen are found far and wide across Verra. The center of the Dwarven race is the nation of Dünzenkell, found deep in the northern mountains. Dwarven society tends to be heavily matriarchal and their clans existing under the oftentimes eldest matriarch. Dwarves are closely connected to one-another by alliances forged between family guilds. The Dwarven child is marked at a young age with his or her guild sigil. Some dwarves banished from Dünzenkell or having chose to walk a path alone will often have their sigls burned from their skin.[39]Steven Sharif

The Dünzenkell nation, deep within the mountains of Verra exists the oldest nation in the world. The Dünzenkell have been known as many names over the ages, but only one name has graced the highest mountain, within which their capital has stood since the beginning of recorded history: Dün. The Dwarves of the Dünzenkell rule through a council of guilds. A royal family is chosen once every 200 years by this council to rule. Currently the right to rule falls on the shoulders of King Grimlay. It has been nearly 400 years since a king has lead the Dünzenkell. Traditionally this role falls to the matriarchs of the family. Expeditions are often sent into the Underrealm from Dün; and there many believe lies the source of secrets among the Dwarves and their success with mastering artisanship. Untold magic lies deep within Verra. It's source not known to many. Dünzenkell has long benefited from this source though. It has fueled the expansion of the Dwarven kingdoms throughout the northern mountains.[40]Steven Sharif

Dünheim history

During the great calamity that befell Verra, the inhabitants of Dünheim elected to remain in their mountain keep. This didn't work out well for them. In the wake of the destruction many artifacts and treasures were left behind.[41]

Dillia's diary.[43]

I was a child when they first appeared in the night’s sky. At first there were three distinct lights. Not quite the brightest in the sky, but they were bright enough. My mother told me that they were a sign from the Gods, that the world was about to change. She had a sense for these types of things. A long line of women in my mother’s family were Oracles. Written on one of the many tablets in the Great Halls of King Grimlaey, is the story of my Great-Grandmother, the Royal Court’s Regent Oracle, and how she foretold the rise of the Undying during the Great War.

As the days grew to months, and months into years, the lights in the night’s sky grew in number. The priests in the temples began to refer to the lights as Harbingers. Upon my graduation from the Master Stonecutters University, the lights numbered 16. Each passing month, the lights grew in brightness and size.

It didn’t take long for things to change in Dünheim. Families that I had grown up with, began to move away from the city in the heart of the Mountain. Travelers became less common, and temple services were filled every day with new converts seeking answers about the Harbingers and what they meant. My mother wanted to leave the city as well, but my father wouldn’t hear it. His auction house is what kept food on the table, and my brothers were both in the Council Guard. There was no way my father was going to be seen leaving the mountain. Honor and respect meant more than life itself, and my father had great pride in my brothers. Despite my mother’s persistence to leave the city, we stayed.


Kaivek orcs

Kaivek Orcs are split into two races: Ren'Kai and Vek.[44]

The Kaivek have always adhered to a strict code of tribal loyalty... Roughly thirteen centuries [before the fall], a leader named Ran'Kal united the clans into a nation called the Kaivek Protectorate. Kal taught that all Orcs answer to the protection of the divine order. This teaching expressed the belief that it was the will of the gods that all Orc kind should have superiority over the nations of Verra. For it was only through the unity of the clans that the people of Verra would be lead to enlightenment. It was the teachings of Kal that lead the Kaivek to pursue campaigns of conquest across the lands of Verra. Where the Orcs were once nomadic and divided before Kal, through his leadership they became a powerful nation united in conquest. Trophies of each city conquered is found in the capital city of Ren. [Just before the fall] the Kaivek Protectorate have adopted a policy of peaceful coexistence with their neighbors. Having endured centuries of conflict, leaders rose among them echoing the teachings of peace. These recent reformations have once again begun to lead to a fracturing of the Protectorate. Some unrest among the clans have called for a culling of those who are unworthy of the protection from the divine order.[45]Steven Sharif

Pyrian elves

Pyrian Elves are split into two races: Empyrean and Py'Rai.[48] Pyrian are the parent Elven race from long ago:[49] The ancient elves.[50]

For over 4,000 years the Pyrian royal family of Eradal has endured. The kingdom has seen its share of wars. The kingdom's borders encompass the great forest of Eranthia. The capital of Amera is among the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. Its royal families can trace their lines back to the days of the Dark Fires. The Pyrian universities of magic and martial studies are unparalleled in the lands of Verra. Many of the citizens of the Kingdom venture out into the lands of Verra wishing to spread their knowledge of art and science to their fellow Verrans. These ventures are often subsidized by the royal households of Pyria for hopes it will foster a better relationship with their Human neighbors. Once a close ally of Aela and the house of Lyneth, the Pyrian Kingdom and Aelean Empire ended one of the bloodiest wars in Verran history. Eighty years have passed since the last bloodshed; and although tensions have subsided among the citizens of the two nations, there remains a heightened level of distrust among the Empire's new rulers and the royal family of Pyria.[21]Steven Sharif

The Elven race is generally a secretive one and exists within the Pyrian kingdom. Primarily a patriarchal society, Elves tend to keep within the natural borders of their forests. It has only been over the past millennia that the Riverlands have begun to see colonies of Elves exist. Elven scholars, dignitaries and pioneers can often be found in many of the human cities: Though their presence is rarely seen in sites other than archaeological, academic or diplomatic. Rumors do abound throughout the darker circles of Verra that there lies a particular lineage of Elves that exist within the Underrealm of Verra.[51]Steven Sharif

The fall

Concept art showing the citizens of Verra escaping a besieged city through a divine gateway.[52]

Long ago, the world of Verra was besieged by a great calamity brought about by the primary antagonists of the world: The Ancients, and The Others.[12] A corruption befell the land, twisting and perverting every facet of nature, spawning hideous beings of every description; from troll-like creatures to towering behemoths. Nothing escaped its touch.[53]

Granted by divine intervention from the Goddess of Creation[17], much of the population fled Verra through towering gateways, seeking refuge in a world void of magic.[52] The world of Sanctus.[54]

Some unlucky citizens didn't make it through the gateways in time and fell back to the planet to fight for survival.[55]

Soon after the exodus, the gateways dimmed and became dormant. Centuries turned to millennia, burying them beneath myriad calamities. Over eons, history became legend, then even the great legends were at last forgotten.[52]

The Tulnar evolved as a combination of the four parent races that were left behind on Verra.[56]

The world in Ashes has been void of civilization for centuries.[53]

The world in Ashes lay devoid of civilization for centuries. Until now.[53]


Sanctus is the world where the people of Verra found their sanctuary.[57]

A long long long time ago, everybody lived on a planet called Verra. Something cataclysmic happened that forced people from that world to another world called Sanctus. Verra is a place of really high magic. Sanctus is a place with no magic whatsoever. People escaped through these portals into the world of Sanctus. They had to rediscover technology, because so much of their current technology was based on magic, so they had to figure out how to interact with the world. Thousands and thousands of years go by. A long dark age passes. This history that I just told you falls into myth and legend. After this time passes, these portals reopen and the players are going to take the part of people who are coming through those portals once again back to the world of Verra to rediscover that magic, rediscover their history, and try to figure out what happened to this world to force them out of it.[54]Jeffrey Bard

Sanctus is a key story arc, that will likely have very little revealed about it prior to the Betas.[58]Steven Sharif

The Verdant Keeper

Shadeless Tree Tavern pre-order pack cosmetic freehold building skin.[59]

While many families have humble gatherings amongst themselves during this time of the year, the Shadeless Tree is an ancient, venerated establishment that wishes to spread this joy to weary travelers. Here, merchants, adventurers, and citizens bereft of a place to be for the Verdant Keeper's feast may stay, exchanging stories, singing songs, and making friends. Though an already lively place to be, during the Keeper's celebrations the tavern is especially alight with joy and many are urged to join in the festivities - provided they do not rock the tavern, so to speak.[59]

The Verdant Keeper... are a sect of people that keep track of all the things that are necessary to have successful crops and to grow things and to make sure that the cultivation of these things allows a society or civilization to keep growing. So in the transition from Verra to Sanctus these people had to kind of relearn how to grow things without magic. There were druid like people before and now we kind of have to go to this place where there's no magic to support those things. So they spend their time learning about the world and learning about it in sort of a scientific way and keeping track of all of these seasons of the different years, of the decades, of the centuries that go by to sort of create a map for themselves and for the civilizations that they support: Kind of a means to be successful in growing crops and keeping people healthy and happy.[60]Jeffrey Bard

As the months come and go, and the hand of winter looms over the land, various farmers of Verra take time to celebrate the fortune granted to them by the Verdant Keeper. Hearths are stoked, candles are lit, and fragrant delicacies are prepared. A massive celebration of food and drink takes place, marking the culmination of their hard work and preparation for the harsh, cold months to come. Should the celebrations go well, they say the Keeper will bless the next spring with a brand new harvest, ready to be plucked.[61]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse lore

Divine gateway in the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale (BR mode) staging area.[55]

This lobby area where you see players load into- this is unfinished- but this will be one of the capital cities that you are about to enter through the great divine gateways... You're trying to flee; and in this particular game mode you are a part of some unlucky few who didn't quite make it out. And unfortunately after entering the great divine gateway fell back to the planet.[55]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse lore takes place during the exodus from Verra.[55][62][63]

  • Some unlucky citizens didn't quite make it through the gateways in time and fell back to the planet to fight for survival.[55] This underpins the battle royale mode.[62]
  • Certain citizens are fighting for control over Castles that they believe to be last bastions of defense against the forces of corruption. This underpins the castle siege mode.[62]
  • The last stand against the forces of corruption takes place in the horde mode.[62]

Initially you're playing the Battle Royale you're a part of the last group of survivors to try to leave Verra. And as you're leaving you get cut off. The slipstream ends and you start falling back to the planet. Now the activities that occur and the fighting amongst yourselves is a result of the influence of corruption: Corrupting your soul basically; and as we move into the Castle Siege mode that's where you see the survivors now trying to seek refuge in some of the last defendable bastions of of society. So you're kind of fighting over those for your families and your friends to get into that keep to try to ride out the storm so to say; and that's what the Castle Siege is predicated on. Then moving into the Hordes is this is now the final showdown. How long can you last? And that's kind of the narrative behind Apocalypse as a whole.[64]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse lore is split into chapters.[64]

  • Chapter 1 is called The Exodus. It takes part in the initial stages of the fall and sets the scene for upcoming chapters.[64]

What happened before you came back? What did your ancestors have to go through? What did these civilizations have to endure? ... You get to experience the world of Ashes of Creation. You get to take a peek under the hood of the art assets and the style that that art will be when you play the game; and at the same time while you're doing all of that and we're hitting the servers with as many people as possible, we are continuing production and implementing new art; and we are updating those those chapters of this story; and that's what each season so speak is called for us is a chapter. In fact the first chapter of Apocalypse will be titled the Exodus. So chapter one is the Exodus and players will have an opportunity to earn unique rewards in each chapter. So that chapter's period of time is roughly ten weeks- between eight and twelve. We'll see how those go, but right now it's set for ten weeks; and every ten weeks you're going to see an introduction of new content.[64]Steven Sharif


Ashes of Creation Apocalypse progression

The first chapter of Apocalypse is The Exodus. It takes part in the initial stages of the fall and sets the scene for upcoming chapters.[64]

You're going to have an adventuring path and that adventuring path is going to come with weekly quests and daily quests that you can participate in that will be available for the Castle sieges for the Horde and for the Battle Royale; and as you complete these quests you're going to gain experience; and right now you have up to 50 levels, which matches the intended cap for Ashes of Creation. Fifty levels of the adventure path that you can advance in; and as you advance in each of these levels you're going to be unlocking certain assets, such as these weapon skins. Now the great thing about player's progress in Apocalypse is that you will share the same account from Apocalypse to Ashes of Creation the MMORPG and anything that you earn in Apocalypse will be in Ashes of Creation the MMORPG- a unique as a skin exactly: A skin that you will have access to for helping us test write Apocalypse and preparing these different Alpha and Beta stages for Ashes of Creation.[67]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse quests

Questing in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse contains lore that gives insight to the happenings on Verra during the fall.[64]


Sottorealtà concept art.[71]

The Tulnar society has more of a caste like system, where based on what physical features you show, based on where your ancestry and lineage lie between the races that came together to make the Tulnar, kind of determines your order in that caste system to a degree. So when players get to create their characters and determine whether they are going to have heavy influences of reptilian, mammalian, humanoid; that's going to kind of determine their reception from NPCs as well when they interact with those Tulnar PCs.[72]Steven Sharif

Tulnar is a playable race in Ceneri della creazione.[73][30] The Tulnar fled to the Sottorealtà to escape the Corruption that befell Verra.[74]

Were the Tulnar a result of corruption in their creation, or was it purely a kind of you know crossbreeding between the multiple minor and major races that existed in the Underrealm during the after the apocalypse? They are not a result of corruption. So there is no corruption that was that was taken into account during their creation.[79]Steven Sharif

The Underrealm

The Sottorealtà is a rich environment where bio-luminescence abounds in the fauna and flora that exist here. These deep caverns and underground valleys provide new destinations for civilization to develop. Bringing the node system into the depths of the world may awaken darker creatures than the surface.[71]

The expansiveness of the Underrealm itself is quite large. It does persist across across a lot of the playable game area that's above ground. So there are alternatives in the Underrealm for passages and traversal throughout the world.[82]Steven Sharif

One of the aspects of the Lore behind the Tulnar was that in the pantheon of gods that exist- having foretold the future through the Goddess of Fate to the Goddess of Creation- these areas in the Underrealm were created in to allow for refuge for which the gods knew would be left behind that couldn't make it to Sanctus. So that was a pre-thought there in the creation of the Underrealm to facilitate that realm where refugees could seek.[18]Steven Sharif

We plan to have the Underrealm really pervasive throughout the game itself, a part of the open world. It will introduce some unique elements such as the type of monsters you see, the type of crops you can grow and houses you can have.[83]Steven Sharif

The return

Adventurers arrive on Verra through great divine gateways.[52]

What was once buried has risen again. The gateways have opened, reigniting the link to the ancient world in each of the four once great capital cities of the ancient world.[52][17]

Vast expeditions were sent through the gateways to discover this beautiful and perilous magical realm.[52]

Ancient evils lie in wait for hapless adventurers.[52]

Players arrive in Verra to explore, rebuild and repopulate their place of origin. Ancient treasures and wondrous adventures await those who dare to disturb the dark remnants of evil that inhabit this land.[52]

From now on, the choices of these adventurers will influence how the story unfolds.[84]

I heard a lot of people asking was you know from a technological standpoint where do the people returning stand in relation to what their civilization was before the fall and I think that in some regards they haven't quite even attained what their people were able to achieve before the exodus.[85]Steven Sharif

Player driven narrative

The world of Verra will be the same on each server, but Nodi will develop differently. Different servers will have different narratives. Things that happen on one server may not happen on another.[86]

We want as many people as possible to experience the main server Narrative. These will branch at different scales, but largely at the personal level. Where things change is at the Node level – different parts of the story will be unlocked based on where and when Nodes grow. Unlocking a part of the story in a certain way locks out progression of the story in a different way. You’ll see different antagonists, different NPCs, and different calls to action depending on what’s happening with the server at that time.[87]

It kind of redefines what the players will experience in an MMORPG to come into a wilderness that is devoid of really any structure outside of what the community creates themselves; and then what can be created can be changed, if they want to experience a storyline that's been seen on another server, but you know you're fighting a dragon because you're near a mountain and the other server's fighting a Kraken because they're near the coast and you want to fight that Kraken because of its drop table. If you want to meta it or because you just want that under your belt: to be the server first to take out that Kraken and you have yet to develop the node there, you know it's incumbent upon you to manifest that in the game.[88]Steven Sharif

Storyline quests

Storyline quests can have multiple stages. These quest stages can actually be failed.[89]

There will be many different quests that actually have stages of the storyline; and these stages can actually be failed. You can actually fail a storyline; which sucks when you think about it, but at the same time that risk makes your investment that much more important.[89]Steven Sharif

Story arcs

Story arcs drive one or more quest lines in Ceneri della creazione.[4]

  • Personal quest lines.
  • Cultural quest lines.
  • Regional quest lines.

All of the events are based around storytelling. All of the the narrative quests are based around storytelling. All the organizational quests are based around storytelling. You know the game is built from a story basically, so we want to make sure that there's context and relevancy for all of the actions that you're doing in the game.[91]Jeffrey Bard

The overarching narrative is that players are the returning children of Verra. They will not be characterized individually as "saviors".[92]

Even player driven mechanics will still have story components. There will be a reason why the player driven mechanic is available or required of the player; so you know every system that's created touches a story.[91]Steven Sharif

Every stage a node develops it's unlocking narratives, storylines, it's changing the spawn population of the area around it, changing what bosses exist, it's triggering events where you may have legendary dragons attack the city. It's basically writing the story of the server based on the actions and determination of the players. So, you may experience a dungeon one month earlier and have a completely different story that relates to this location the next month, because something has changed either geopolitically or from the node standpoint.[93]Steven Sharif

Certain story arcs can be unlocked through the bulletin board system. Certain requirements would need to be met in order to access story arc quests.[94]

Racial quests

Missioni may be based on a character's race.[95]

Different quests may relate to who the primary cultural contributor is to a node. This won't lock out content, but will add flavor to the quests.[95]

There might even be different directories of the quest that exist for specific races, and even though you're sharing a quest to kill a boss, if you're human and I'm an elf, I will have a different arc potentially that leads in a different direction than you, even though we took the same quest; and this can relate to who the primary cultural contributor is to a node unlocking different arcs for cultures that share the primary culture of a node - not that locks out content but it gives a flavor in a different direction so that not everything is so cookie cutter.[95]Steven Sharif

Race matters because narratives have paths that also are influenced based on the primary contributing culture to the node... If you're a Niküa and you have you're in a Niküa node that's predominantly Niküa, you're going to have certain services and/or abilities as a member of the Niküa race that other races may not have access to... They may have alternative quest lines, but they won't have specific ones. Now those specific Niküa quests will then relate to the meta-narrative that's present in the world and they'll start to direct some of that meta-narrative; and that'll be beneficial for your kind because it will unlock certain content for your race that other races haven't unlocked yet. So there is an incentive there to see progression along that line now in order to curb the progress of a dominant race.[96]Steven Sharif

Missioni that are race specific, title specific, or guild specific will likely be less than 10% of the total number of quests. 90% of quests should be able to be shared by everybody.[97]

Legendary items

There is a small RNG chance of looting rare and legendary items or crafting materials from mobs based on the level, status and type of mob. This also applies to harvesting resources with a gathering profession.[98]

At each stage from Gatherer to Processor to Crafter you are required to have certain prerequisites before those elite types of materials can be essentially gathered, processed, or crafted.[100]Steven Sharif

The amount of effort needed and interdependencies across the different types of players – between raiders and PvPers and crafters and even role players and the taverns and businesses: the processors and gatherers – all of those systems will likely have a component that lends toward creating or crafting that legendary item... We want to stay away from the highly RNGd system, and instead take our multiple progression paths that we are offering the players and put the construction components for achieving these legendary items within them so it encourages communities to work together because it's going to be difficult for just one person by themselves to gather everything. Not to say that they couldn't in an economic sense, by buying those components, that's possible. But achieving them from a time investment standpoint we want it to be considerably less RNG focussed.[101]Steven Sharif

Discovery of legendary items will unlock further chapters of the Lore.[103]

There are absolutely legendary items and they're not items that are attained easily nor are they granted out in a volume. There might even be items that are single items that will exist on the server at any given time.[104]

A legendary weapon is easily distinguished by its visual appearance.[101]

It will be a very ornate and detailed weapon, more so than any other weapon or piece of equipment in the game. It will also include some awesome looking effects that won't too gaudy, you know they won't be too bright and shiny so that it doesn't look good, but they will be subtle and people will notice it and know wow that guy has this weapon.[101]Steven Sharif

Legendary items are not intended to be temporary.[105]

The fact there is only one of them... or very very few of them depending on what it is. I think that in and of itself is a balance component right and you need to make sure that the players who are striving for those legendary things and who are devoting the time energy, resources in order to achieve them are accurately rewarded... We do not intend on having legendary items that are temporary.[105]Steven Sharif


At the City stage, the Scientific node’s unique building becomes the University. In addition to the abilities that the Library and College offer, the University adds even more services, including (but not limited to):[108]

There are several great universities across the world of Verra during this time period in particular [25 years before the fall]. Most of them convene a Council of Knowledge, they call it. The Council of Knowledge consists of the greatest minds from each nation. They really don't recognize borders or politics for the most part. Unless their governments try to meddle in their affairs of their pursuit of knowledge. The greatest and most respected elders in the ways of magic - which is basically learning how to manipulate what's called the Essence: That's from where all magic flows - and understanding how the Essence exists in parity with your Life Spark and the world around you: The Universe itself. The greatest of these wizards are found in the Pyrian kingdom; and they are solely in pursuit of knowledge as we read earlier with regards to the Pyrian Elves.[109]Steven Sharif

The Essence is present in all magic: Divine, corrupt, it doesn't really matter. You can pervert the Essence to bring about types of magic that are not divine.[110]Steven Sharif


Scribes are members of a potential crafting profession in Ceneri della creazione.[112]

  • Scribes can create scrolls or books.[112]

They want to be able to collect information about the events of the world as they see it from their point of view. For instance: Nodes leveling up, they want to be able to take that information down and be the one to distribute it.[112]

World history

The history of each server will be tracked and visible to players.[113]

We're gonna keep track of the history of the world so that we can tell people the story up to the current day. A player who's brand new, who's come in at the six-month mark can take a look at each server, what each server has done, how each server has tackled the storyline; and they can decide for themselves what community they want to join; what version of the world that they want to take part in.[113]Jeffrey Bard


Languages in Ceneri della creazione may refer to:

  • Language-specific lexicons in the game from a lore and immersion standpoint. These do not have real player-to-player implications.[114]


At the Village stage, the scientific node's unique building is the Library. Players can use the Library to access information, including (but not limited to) the following:[108]


Backpack sockets (slots).[116]

A big component of the MMORPG that - half of that you know acronym is RPG role-playing game. And in order to role-play you need to be able to represent kind of what your character is doing in that world and you know part of what animation is doing is creating these sockets on the let's say the belt or the back that you know can plug in certain types of props or items that are created by the character team, like Carson, you know might be a scroll tube, it might be a potion, it might be whatever: Those players will have the ability as we've discussed in the past will have the ability to select what they want to be represented in those sockets and then animation will make sure that jibe well in movement.[116]Steven Sharif

There are different systems that allow stories to be told in Ceneri della creazione.[117]

A MMO lives and breathes on its community and we don't really want to give short shrift to any one of those types. All of them are important: the RPers are important, the people who just want to hang out in the Inn and talk are important, they all add to the game and so we want to make sure that we take care of all of them... You can run a business based on RPing.[119]Jeffrey Bard

Respawn lore

There is a storyline that relates to how and why characters respawn and the locations in which they respawn. This will be revealed as players explore the game.[121]

Lore videos

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