Please note that we will be mostly waiting for the full NDA drop before we post updated information on Alpha-1, but we will continue to post information that has specific citeable sources from Intrepid.


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Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta-1, Beta-2 releases are not covered by NDA (non-disclosure agreement).[1]

  • Alpha-1 testing prior to the full release of Alpha-1 is covered by NDA.[2][3]
    • NDA review and acceptance is done via the game client.[4]
    • The text and voice NDA was lifted from the PI QA testing phase on May 28, 2020.[2]
    • The verbal NDA was lifted from Alpha-1 preview testing, and future testing, on May 17, 2021.[5]
    • The NDA will be lifted for the July 2021 Alpha-1 preview weekend test.[6]

Today I have made the decision to release our current Alpha One Testers from their verbal NDA over all prior Alpha One Preview testing, and future testing. The visual NDA shall remain in place until July. I have made this decision so that the community may discuss the experiences had, and progress made with the Ashes project, in anticipation of the full NDA release in July. Of course, It's important to note, that the Alpha One experience is not meant to be a content test. But rather, standing up core systems in their bare bones state and vetting our technical architectures, while providing the opportunity for us to optimize and squash bugs.[5]Steven Sharif

Programma di rilascio

Some recent developments have caused me to reevaluate our upcoming test schedules and make some necessary adjustments. I will be moving the NDA release and the June 1st Alpha One start date to July. I know this is not ideal, and you have no idea how much it pains me to disappoint our community, but it is my responsibility to make these difficult decisions in order to ensure the test is successful. Testing for the 14th of May will continue for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with an updated schedule being sent to testers today.[6]Steven Sharif

The Ceneri della creazione release schedule is subject to change.[7]

Over the last month, several new developments both internally and externally have led me to err on the side of caution and postpone the NDA release and Alpha One dates to July. If it had only been any one of these issues, we would have powered through it.[6]Steven Sharif

Phase Release Estimated/Actual date
Pre‑alpha Alpha-0.[8] December 15, 2017.[9]
APOC Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale stress test (NDA).[10] September 7, 2018.[11]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale stress test (NDA lifted).[12] October 19, 2018.[12]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale open beta.[13] December 18, 2018.[14]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale early access.[15] September 24, 2019.[16]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle siege mode PI closed testing.[17] December 19, 2019.[17]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale testing ends.[18] March 10, 2020.[19]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle siege mode.[10] After Alpha-1.[20][18]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode.[10] After Alpha-1.[20][18]
Alpha Alpha-1 early preview livestream.[21] March 27, 2020.[22]
Alpha-1 limited QA testing (NDA).[23][3] May 28, 2020.[24][25]
Alpha-1 preview pre-test 1 (NDA).[26] Dec 18 - Dec 21 2020.[26]
Alpha-1 preview pre-test 2 (NDA).[26] Feb 19 - Feb 22 2021.[27][28]
Alpha-1 preview intermittent spot testing (NDA).[6][29] Mar 19 - Jul 9 2021.[6][29]
Alpha-1 preview weekend (no NDA).[6] July 9 - July 11 2021.[6]
Alpha-1 (no NDA).[6] July 14 - August 13 2021.[6]
Alpha-1 additional tests.[30] To be announced.[30]
Alpha-2 (persistent alpha).[31][32] To be announced.[33]
Beta Beta-1. To be announced.[33]
Beta-2. To be announced.[33]
Pre‑release Head start for crowdfunding backers at the Founder level and above.[34] 1-2 days before launch.[34][35]
Release Launch (live) release. To be announced.[33][36]
Post‑launch Major releases (DLC expansions). Quarterly or six-monthly.[37][38]
Minor releases. Monthly.[37][38]

Early access

Ceneri della creazione early access packages:


Alpha and Beta participation is expected to grow with the sale of pre-order packs.[47]

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