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Intrepid Studios has embraced an open (transparent) development approach, rather than sharing information through carefully curated press releases and announcements.[1]

Player feedback is important, however the identity and the vision of the game is not up for discussion; and so when we talk about the core systems and tenets and philosophies behind what the game that we're trying to make is, we believe that the game we are trying to make resonates with a large enough section of the MMORPG player base that it is a sustainable and profitable venture for us to create that core game. Now, the ancillary systems that live around the core philosophy of Ashes of Creation, or the subtleties and what we need to do in order to make a particular system or feature better... that we want to collect player feedback.[3]Steven Sharif
  • Some game aspects will be more polished than others before they are presented.[7]
The delicate blend between a transparent development process, but also understanding that [the] majority of your player audience will not grasp, or will not take into context, what a work in progress looks like. So certain things we have to polish to the point where they're presentable; where they can be understood- again in its own context without my verbal support or Margaret's verbal support.[7]Steven Sharif
I think that we live in an age where it's easy to be transparent if you're not trying to hide something. The downside is if you're showing something that's not a completed or finished product, it is incumbent upon the viewer to understand that fact.[1]Steven Sharif
  • The purpose of transparent development is to enable participation and feedback from the community without the need to purchase access.[8]
The whole purpose of our development process being transparent being open is that you don't have to buy a package actually to participate. You can be a voice from the community. You can observe people playing. You can give your experiences and feedback.[8]Steven Sharif
I don't answer to a board. I don't answer to a publisher. We answer to our players; and we try to be as transparent as possible with showing our progress; and showing it in a timely manner.[9]Steven Sharif
  • Certain aspects of the game will not be revealed early to avoid spoilers.[10][11]
There are obviously going to be some aspects of the development that we will not reveal, like lore and some system mechanics in order not to spoil the game for release.[10]Steven Sharif


In order for sandbox mechanics to mean something, there must be curated content to accompany the player’s choices. Which means, as the developers, we must create that Themebox style content but for every possible path the community may take.[12]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation is a PvX game built on the foundational principle of risk versus reward. The developers may seek feedback and make changes to portions of the game, but the core design pillars of the game will never be changed.[2][3][4][5][6]

We will refine systems, we will iterate on systems, but we will never change the core identity of the intent and philosophical approach to what Ashes of Creation as an MMO brings to the MMO genre space... What we want to do is express that Ashes of Creation is endeavoring to build a risk-versus-reward centric PvX style game. And that intent and purpose will be delivered upon, and it will not change.[5]Steven Sharif
  • Ashes of Creation is referred to by the developers as a "themebox" or "sandpark" game as they aim to create a reactive player-driven world accompanied by curated content.[13][12]
When it comes to how MMO’s have been traditionally designed, most gamers are familiar with two distinct types of gameplay loops: the “theme park”, and the “sandbox”. The vast majority of MMO’s we’ve all seen come and go in the gaming industry have been of the theme park variety – these games put the player onto a specific path, guiding them along, with plenty of pretty sights in between the same old quest hubs, very little in divergent paths, virtually no freedom in player progression. Recently the MMO genre has seen some games of the sandbox nature come onto the scene, but despite the ultimate freedom the sandbox affords players, many are left wanting more, as there is by definition no pre built world content, no human touch, just the vastness of the “sand” for lack of a better term. Thus many MMO players often find themselves caught between the repetitive rock of the theme park or the vast dead spaces of the sandbox’s hard place. This chasm between the state of MMO gameplay loops is where we intend to inject Ashes of Creation’s Node system.[13]
Q: How do you go about designing some of the more old school systems such as XP debt, minimal fast travel, and open world raiding that have really gone away for the most part in modern MMOs?
A: When looking at the reasoning behind why some of those old systems existed, a lot of it was centralized around the idea of risk versus reward. I mean, let's take a look at the three that you name, XP debt, minimal fast travel, and open world raiding. Experience debt is a cost of failure. Experience debt is the bite of not achieving success. If I die to a monster because my strategy was bad, because my performance was bad, because my planning was bad: all of that means that debt is the cost I pay for the bad choice... Minimal fast travel: My location matters; and the time it travels there is the cost I pay. Open world raiding: I'm not the only person interested in completing this objective. I have competition. That competition represents pressure. That pressure represents a desire to succeed and perform. All of those are touch points on player emotional connectivity. There is a reason why I want to succeed: Part of that reason can be incentivization through reward; part of that reason can be distance; it can be incentivization through failure. So that I think are one of the core fundamental philosophies as to how you design some of the more old-school systems.[14]Steven Sharif

Pilastri di disegno

Il design di Ashes of Creation aderisce a cinque pillars principali.[15]

  1. Storia coinvolgente e coinvolgente
  2. Mondo reattivo
  3. Interazione del giocatore
  4. Agenzia di gioco
  5. Risk vs reward

Nel progettare Ashes of Creation, ci atteniamo a cinque pilastri principali per ogni dettaglio: Storia Avvincente ed Immersiva, un Mondo Reattivo, Interazione tra Giocatori, Agenti sui Giocatori, e Rischio vs Ricompensa. Anche nell'ambientazione, tutto ciò che farete come giocatori interagirà con questi pilastri, mentre tutto quello che la vostra gilda fa, tutto quello che il vostro server fa servirà a mantenere il mondo fresco, in costante cambiamento, e cosa più importante... emozionante.[15]


Ashes of Creation ha tratto ispirazione da diversi altri titoli MMORPG.[16]

Parlando di quello che è venuto prima, stiamo cercando di capire chi ha fatto cosa meglio e trarre ispirazione da quello: Portare il genere avanti; rendere le cose innovative e portarle nel ventunesimo secolo.[16]Jeffrey Bard


Non ci sarà un tipico end-game in Ashes of Creation.[17]

Parte dell'esperienza con i Nodi è che non c'è un vero end-game, poichè il mondo cambia costantemente ogni giorno. Il mese uno sarà veramente diverso dal mese due; e questo vale per i livelli 50 come per i livelli 1.[17]Jeffrey Bard

Scope creep

I have a very very very clear vision of all of the systems designs mechanics that are present within the game and we're sticking to that vision and we're not adding additional features and prolonging the development due to that scope creep.[18]Steven Sharif

Pay to win

Ashes of Creation will not be pay to win.[19][20][21]

Ashes of Creation will not be pay to win, that is our pledge to the community. One of the core principles we set forth with Ashes of Creation is a very strong desire to maintain the game's even playing field.[21]
A lot of developers and companies have come along in the past- and I've been hit by this too- and they've said we're not going to have pay-to-win and then boom they roll out some pay-to-win. We have consistently said we won't be pay-to-win and in the pre-orders that we provide and even in the Kickstarter there were absolutely zero pay-to-win components whatsoever. So not only will we talk the talk but we will walk the walk as well.[20]Steven Sharif
Because we are a non-box purchase game, meaning there is no box price to play Ashes of Creation, it is only a subscription; and that's beneficial because it reduces the barrier of entry and we want a high population obviously; but at the same time one of the ways we augment the revenue flows to sustain constant updates and new chapter releases and additional content within the game is through a cosmetic-only marketplace; and that means absolutely no pay-to-win whatsoever; and that will be adhered to forever.[19]Steven Sharif

Inventario slots, RNG loot boxes and XP potions are considered pay-to-win.[22][23][24][25]

We will not use a loot box system for cosmetics either. We currently have a cosmetic store that offers limited time, limited quantity items to help sustain game development. These items are purely decorative and do not offer any in-game benefits.[22]
My definition of pay-to-win is really anything that affects the in-game economy, the in-game action pool, your abilities and/or skills... In my opinion the inventory slots and the XP potions would be considered pay-to-win.[24]Steven Sharif
  • Items sold in the store that are also obtainable through gameplay are still considered pay-to-win.[29]
It undermines an achievement when you remove the need to achieve it.[29]Steven Sharif
Q: Will there be RNG boxes?
A: I dislike RNG. Archeage made me loath rng monetization gimmicks.[25]Steven Sharif


Intrepid Studios will self-publish Ashes of Creation in the NA (North American), OCE (Oceanic) and SEA (Southeast Asia) regions.[30][31]

We have learned a lot from our partnership with MY.GAMES, and we wish our friends there all the best as we have mutually decided to part ways. Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce that Intrepid Studios will be opening European offices in Amsterdam to help support our publishing operations in the EU/CIS regions. We have recently posted open positions for our new EU offices, and look forward to hiring the best and brightest in true Intrepid fashion.[32]Steven Sharif

The Ashes of Creation MMORPG will not be published on the Steam platform.[33]


Ashes of Creation is aiming to be available in the following languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Portuguese.[35][36][37][38]

  • Previously it was stated that English, French, German, and Russian will be supported then Italian, Polish and Spanish be added later.[36][39]
  • Other languages are being considered based on interest.[35][37][38]
  • Interfaccia utente localization tools are available in the chat window.[40]

The current plan is for Ashes of Creation to be available in the following languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Portuguese. Although this may not be the final list of languages we support, we are still looking at which other languages into which the game may be translated.[35]

info-orange.pngAlcune delle seguenti informazioni non sono state confermate di recente dagli sviluppatori e potrebbero non essere nell'attuale roadmap di sviluppo.

Servers won't be language locked.[37]

  • There may be separate servers in the EU region based on language type.[36]


Ashes of Creation will be released on the Windows PC platform.[41][42]

Q: Will the upgrade to UE5 affect the supported systems? A lot of people are like linux question mark.[41]
A: It's something that we'll evaluate in the future. I haven't ruled it out necessarily- would see how much work it would take to do that, but really like less than one percent of the player base is using Linux.[41]Steven Sharif


Performance optimization when rendering 1300 simulated actors utilizing merged materials and meshes in Unreal Engine 5 Nanite.[44] This test was confirmed post-stream to be running on a RTX 3070.[45]

What you're seeing here showcases the new modular appearance component which can combine any set of meshes and materials into a single mesh and single material at run-time. What you're looking at is over 1300 different entities, different actors. These are simulated players essentially. Previously you saw the example they were just standing still. There was no animation, there was no effects, there was no environment and it was a thousand. This is thirteen hundred playing animations, playing effects, plus the environment which is Nanite in this example. So what you're seeing is all of these players moving around and doing something and you're seeing the frame rate at about 30 on Clayton's rig.[46]Steven Sharif

Here you see that the FPS in the top right corner is like seven or eight on average, so not too good from a rendering perspective... So by merging now you can see that the same thousand players who are wearing the same armors as previously are actually having a 300 percent increase- 300 to 400 increase- in the performance of the of the FPS. So it went from 7 to about 21 on average and that is a significant optimization point that obviously this is just the beginning of the optimization efforts.[47]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation was performing at 50-60 FPS on a 1080 Ti during early Alpha-1 testing.[48]

  • A "default player appearance" may be automatically applied during sieges or other large scale battles to improve client-side performance.[52][53][51]
I think you guys will agree with me here that effects now are, as opposed to where they were in Alpha-1, we've taken into account what people's feedback were, although it was always the case we were going to address them; and we've implemented them in such a way where they're more conducive to large player battles.[49]Steven Sharif

Alpha system requirements

Alpha-1 stress testing, March 17, 2021.[54]

These are fully operational NPCs. They have behavior trees, they have AI blackboards; they are functioning as an NPC would; and to my surprise, to everyone's surprise actually, the server handled it quite well: 5000 entities all within a very dense area.[55]Steven Sharif

Minimum and recommended computer specifications for Alpha-2.[56]

Minimum Specs - 1080p
  • Processor: Intel i5 8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • Memory: 12GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1070 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 100GB SSD Storage
  • Windows 10/11
Recommend Specs - 1440p
  • Processor: Intel i7 8700 | AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA RTX 3070 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 100GB SSD Storage
  • Windows 10/11
Please note that these requirements will change throughout our testing phases.[56]

Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 walkthrough.[57]

Lumen has done a great job in really bringing to to life this area. As you can see, there's light bouncing off of the surfaces and casting into the rest of the cave... I love how you can also see the detail in the costume and the cloth that we have now.[57]Steven Sharif


Unreal Engine 5 is the graphical engine for Ashes of Creation.[57][58] The game was originally developed in Unreal Engine 4.[59] Migrating to UE5 early is expected to save time the long run compared to upgrading closer to release, or post-release.[60][61]

What it provides in my opinion as person who enjoys PvP is it adds additional dynamics to what is possible from your opponent or from yourself. You know, if there is a ledge and jumping off that ledge is going to deal a lot of damage to me when I hit the ground and that puts me at a significant disadvantage, maybe I have an option to jump off the ledge at a point where I can mantle onto the side of a cliff or something. Now the give and take there is I won't be able to use my skills while I'm mantled. I won't be able to react easily, but I didn't have to take the fall damage per-se. Or if there's an obstruction and I'm going to take a significant reduction in speed so that I can crouch and make it past that, and now I have a effective line of sight has been obstructed as a result of that decision. I think it adds interesting elements to the battlefield and the key here is going to be making sure that it's not cumbersome- that it doesn't feel opposite of the flow of combat.[64]Steven Sharif
Lumen is going to greatly improve the visual fidelity and performance of the game with the reduced work and effort that's required by the art team, making Ashes of Creation much more beautiful than in UE4.[66]Steven Sharif
Nanite brings us really an entirely new approach to rendering and art workflows. Now we can render more actors with extremely high detail while eliminating the need to bake out normal map textures. For artists essentially what this means is that they can import high quality sculpted meshes directly into Unreal 5 without really having to reduce the poly count, making the workflow more efficient while simultaneously improving the quality of the art.[69]Steven Sharif
  • Features (such as World partitions and One file per actor) make it much easier for multiple developers to work together.[60]
    • World partitions also enable Unreal Engine 5 maps to exceed the map size constraints of UE4 (~20 kilometers squared).[60]
Q: How does this upgrade to UE5 affect the Ashes of Creation release timeline?[60]
A: While UE4 is a great engine, there are certain focuses and technological endeavors that Epic is doing on UE5 that won't necessarily be supported by UE4; and we want to make sure given the lifespan of Ashes and how long we intend this MMO to last, that when we made this decision early on during the development process that we weren't going to exacerbate the amount of effort it would take to move over later in the lifespan or after launch.[60]Steven Sharif
  • As of January 24, 2022 all teams have moved over to Unreal Engine 5.[73]
    • The developers were able to transition to Unreal Engine 5.1.1 in February 2023 as part of milestone 4.[74][75][76]
    • The upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.2 was completed. The developers expect to start upgrading to 5.3 around the end of 2023.[77][78]
    • At some point the developers intend to stop updating Unreal Engine until post-launch. This decision will be based on careful consideration of potential delays and other risks.[79]
Q: What is your stance in regards to focusing on delivering an MVP versus continuously upgrading your tools and engine to deliver a better product with new tech, even if that results in delays or additional years of development like UE 5.2, maybe 5.3 etc?
A: Our technical teams, especially our network team, our ICS teams, our gameplay engineering teams, they convene and weigh when our next update should be on the engine side: What new technologies might bring benefit overall. My perspective on how we balance the need for integration of new technology versus the responsibility we have in a timely manner to provide testing sessions that get us closer to the launch date; that's a delicate balance. I would say generally our disposition is not to incorporate new technologies that yield some significant amount of delay on the development side. We very much take the perspective that we're capable of adjusting and/or integrating those new technologies post-milestone, post-launch if necessary. At some point we'll stop updating the Unreal Engine in development until launch. That point hasn't come yet, but of course the larger the project grows and on the more custom we make the engine for our back-end needs; and for whatever else merge conflicts can occur- those mergers can become big and painful; and the update process gets more painful. So to answer your question shortly, we have a team that evaluates what direction we need to take there; and at the top of my mind is always, let's not incorporate delays as a result of leveraging new technologies.[79]Steven Sharif


The world will be the same on each server, but Nodi will develop differently. Different servers will have different narratives. Things that happen on one server may not happen on another.[80][81][12]

To answer your question about "what stops all servers from from progressing the same nodes," the answer to that question is "other players." Certain content is locked behind different nodes that develop. If we assume that at some point all of the information regarding node progression is available, not all players on a server may agree on what content they want access to, or that they want other players to have access to. Even if a certain perks from node progression are considered "best value" to players trying to solve a node meta, that doesn't mean all players on a server benefit from that in the same way. Because of this, some players make act against your best interests, because it isn't their best interest. Nodes define (and redefine) the world around you, influence points of interest, world quest lines, story arcs, drop tables, resource pools, and even spawn tables for NPCs and bosses. The cycle of nodes leveling and triggering events is something we expect to see play out in a variety of different ways, across different servers, based on how players choose to play Ashes of Creation.[80]Ry Schueller
  • There will be a multitude of servers located throughout the various regions of the world.[83]
    • Server selection will show the region where the server is located and/or the ping to that server.[83]
With regards to live launch when the server's go live, you'll be selecting a server to play on; and that will be your character's home; and that server you'll be aware of where that server is located usually by either a ping or a region that's notated on next to the server.[83]Steven Sharif


Ashes of Creation will launch with the following server regions:[86][87]

At this stage we do not have numbers on how many different servers will exist for different regions. We've said in the past 8-10,000 concurrent users per server is what we'd like to aim for. Obviously, the number of servers that exist in a region are going to be dependent on the population that's playing.[94]Steven Sharif

Other server regions will be considered based on interest.[88][87]

  • South America is under consideration due to traffic from that region.[95]

Once we get closer to launch we'll update this information, which may include additional regions.[88]

Certain regions will have "harmonized" subscription prices that better reflect their local economies. These regions will be segregated from other regions.[96]

  • Players will be able to make characters on any server they wish. There will be no region locking (outside of harmonized regions).[97]

Folks have always been able to make characters on any server they wish. We are not region locking anyone.[97]Margaret Krohn

Server types

  • There won't be separate PvE and Pvp servers but some servers may be more PvP focused than others.[98][99][100]


Ho deciso di non permettere i calcoli del DPS o add-on. Sento che abbiamo adottato misure adeguate per prevenire la maggior parte di potenziali tracciatori di terze parti. So che questo argomento ha voci appassionate da entrambe le parti e rispetto le opinioni e posizioni che molti di voi hanno espresso.[102]Steven Sharif

Gli Addons e misuratori del DPS non saranno permessi.[102][103]

  • Gli sviluppatori non vogliono che addons/mods siano necessari per godersi il gioco.[104]
  • Il design dell'API del gioco è ancora in fase di considerazione.[105]
  • Ci saranno integrazoni disponibili per servizi di streaming come Twitch ed altri, ma non è un qualcosa che verrà già mostrato tramite un'API.[106]
  • Gli sviluppatori credono che i "parsers" (misuratori del DPS) possano avere effetti negativi.[107][103]

L'idea è quella di fare un collegamento diretto dalla compagnia per quanto riguarda i sistemi all'interno del gioco... Non vogliamo avere addons secondo me.[104]Steven Sharif

Ci saranno leader boards.[108]

Combat logs

There are combat logs in Ashes of Creation.[109]

We will be providing combat data for individual players in their chat window, that players can filter and analyze for themselves. The goal is to mitigate and make the practice less prevalent through the ease that DPS meters provide. Also to place actionable enforcement for players who attempt to circumvent the decision by use of 3rd party programs, for which we will be monitoring.[110]Steven Sharif

Pietre miliari

December 2015 First team members were hired.[111]
February 2016 Ashes of Creation design documentation and prototyping.[112][111]
December 10, 2016 Official website was launched and project announced.[111]
January 18, 2017 Official discord was launched.[113]
May 2, 2017 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launched with $750,000 funding goal.[114]
June 3, 2017 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign completed with 19,576 backers raising $3,271,809.[115]
June 2017 Game production began with a team size of 15-20.[112]
June 21, 2017 Estate crowdfunding campaign launched.[116]
July 22, 2017 Summer crowdfunding campaign completed with 2,485 backers.[117]
September 1, 2017 PAX West 2017.[118][119]
November 4, 2017 Raised $16,500 for Extra Life children's hospitals.[120]
December 15, 2017 Alpha-0 released on schedule.[121]
March 19-23, 2018 Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018.[122]
April 5, 2018 PAX East 2018.[123]
August 15, 2018 Last day for purchases of Alpha-1 through Intrepid pre-order packs.[124]
August 20, 2018 At Gamescom with[125]
August 27, 2018 100 developers working on Ashes of Creation.[126]
September 1, 2018 PAX West 2018 panel.[127]
October 19, 2018 Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale (previously called Alpha-1 phase 1 battlegrounds).[128]
November 4, 2018 Raised $20,518 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[129]
April 15, 2019 60 developers working on Ashes of Creation at San Diego offices (following disengagement with Malaysian art team).[130]
November 3, 2019 Raised $20,901 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[131]
August 21, 2020 Announced a mutual parting of ways with publisher[32]
October 17, 2020 Almost 3,000,000 registered accounts for Ashes of Creation.[132]
October 17, 2020 ~87 developers working on Ashes of Creation.[133]
November 8, 2020 Raised $88,546 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[134]
February 26, 2021 Official website redesign.[135]
May 5, 2021 Alpha-1 sales resumed with the announcement of the Adventurer pre-order pack.[136]
May 17, 2021 Verbal NDA was lifted from Alpha-1 testing.[137]
July 9, 2021 Alpha-1 no-NDA preview weekend began on schedule.[138]
July 11, 2021 Alpha-1 no-NDA preview weekend completed on schedule.[139]
July 14, 2021 Alpha-1 no-NDA month long test began on schedule.[140][141]
August 15, 2021 Alpha-1 no-NDA month long test completed on schedule.[142]
November 7, 2021 Raised $34,485 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[143]
December 23, 2021 Announced that Ashes of Creation is moving to Unreal Engine 5.[57][58]
January 14, 2022 Over 120 people working on Ashes of Creation.[144]
November 5, 2022 Raised $77,939 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[145]
August 31, 2023 Over 150 people working on Ashes of Creation.[146]
November 5, 2023 Raised $76,964 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[147]
December 19, 2023 Over 170 people working full-time on Ashes of Creation.[148][149]
March 1, 2024 188 employees working on Ashes of Creation.[150]


  • Kickstarter's most funded MMORPG.[151]
  • Kickstarter's #7 most funded video game.[152]
  • Most anticipated MMO –'s Best of 2017 Awards.[153]
  • Most anticipated early access hands-on MMORPG – MMOs World.[154]
  • Gamescom 2018: Best Independent game.[155]
  • Gamescom 2018: Best Online game.[155]
  • Best indie MMO of 2020 – reader's poll.[156]
  • Most anticipated MMO of 2021 and beyond – reader's poll.[157]
  • Top 10 Best Upcoming New MMORPGs For 2021 And Beyond – Forbes.[158]
  • 2022 Best MMO Studio – MMOGames.[159]

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