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Passive skills are used to augment weapon usage, armor usage, health regeneration, and passive stats.[1]

All these passive abilities: mana regen, attack damage, critical hit damage, health regeneration, defense mitigation, maximum health: A lot of different changes from the passive side of things and these are based on what archetype you've chosen.[3]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngQuesta sezione contiene informazioni dai test Alpha-1. Verrà aggiornato quando saranno rese disponibili nuove informazioni.
Passive skill Icon Archetype(s) Base skill
Attack Damage Attack Damage.png Mage Increases attack damage by 5.[5]
Block Chance Block Chance.png Tank Increase chance to block attacks by 20% (Blocked attacks deal 20% reduced damage).[6]
Caravan Trail Speed Bonus Trail Speed Bonus.png Minor speed boost for travelling on a simple trail.[7]
Cooldown Reduction Cooldown Reduction.png Cleric Mage Tank Reduce all ability cooldowns by 5%.[5]
Critical Hit Damage Critical Hit Damage.png Mage Increase the damage and healing bonus from critical hits by 20%.[5]
Critical Hit Rate Critical Hit Rate.png Cleric Mage Tank Increase the chance for damage and healing abilities to critically hit by 5%.[5]
Defense Mitigation Defense Mitigation.png Cleric Mage Tank Increase defense mitigation by 4.[5]
Disable Chance Disable Chance.png Mage Increase chance to disable by 15%.[5]
Disable Defense Disable Defense.png Cleric Reduce chance of being disabled by crowd control effects by 10%.[8]
Healing Received Healing Received.png Tank Increase the amount of healing received by 10%.[9]
Health Regeneration Health Regeneration.png Cleric Mage Tank Generate an additional 1.5% of your maximum health per second.[5]
Increased Healing Increased Healing.png Cleric Increase healing done by 10%.[10]
Mana Regeneration Mana Regeneration.png Cleric Mage Tank Generate an additional 1% of your maximum mana per second.[5]
Maximum Health Maximum Health.png Cleric Mage Tank Increase maximum health by 75.[5]
Maximum Mana Maximum Mana.png Cleric Increase maximum mana by 100.[11]
Movement Speed Movement Speed.png Cleric Mage Tank Increase movement speed by 5%.[5]
Physical Evasion Bonus Physical Evasion Bonus.png Tank Increase physical evasion bonus by 5.[12]

Skill points

Alpha-2 Ranger skill tree user interface.[13]

What you're seeing at a high level here is just what you'd pretty much expect of a traditional skill. We're doing something a little more advanced than just like a bottom up structure, because we're being a little bit more free-form in this iteration. This will obviously see more UI iterations in the future, but you'll see a mix of active and passive abilities here. Actives are indicated by their square shape, while the circular ones are representing passives; and one thing to note as well is that these passives are aiming to be a little more interesting than just like, this ability does more damage now, or it has a lower cooldown. We do have some of those too, but the goal with a lot of these passives in addition to that is to allow people to lean into unique play styles. So you'll notice that some of them are are changing your gameplay in meaningful ways; and that's the direction we want to take um player and character customization as a whole.[13]Tradd Thompson

Players receive skill points at specific points as they level.[14] These can be used to level up skills (increase their rank) within their active, passive or combat/weapon skill trees.[15][16][17][18]

Making active skills capable of receiving additional skill point allocations and unlocking additional features so that from a player agency standpoint it's going to be up to you whether or not you want to be more diverse but less depth- wider and not taller, in some of these skill choices. Or if you want to be very very tall, that's going to be something that is up to the player in that regard.[19]Steven Sharif
  • Skill points will accrue at specific XP milestones, such as 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 progress through the level, so as to avoid creating an imbalance with experience debt.[14]
We do have this concept of experience debt that does accrue and we don't want to create an imbalance between skill points acquired versus experience, so we're going to predicate your skill points acquisition based on benchmarks you reach when leveling through a level. So these are going to be at specific points in the level, like one quarter progress, to half progress, to three quarters progress: you're going to get an influx of skill points and then you'll be able to allocate them into your skill tree.[14]Steven Sharif
  • Skill points can be used to unlock universal skills at the expense of unlocking class-specific skills.[20]
  • Respeccing (resetting and reallocating) adventuring skills may require travelling to a specific location rather than being able to be done on-the-fly.[21][22]
  • Augments do not cost skill points.[23] It was previously stated that certain augments will have more expense required on the skill point side.[24]
info-orange.pngAlcune delle seguenti informazioni non sono state confermate di recente dagli sviluppatori e potrebbero non essere nell'attuale roadmap di sviluppo.
  • It will not be possible to max all skills in a skill tree.[18]
  • In terms of skill progression, players can choose to go "wide" and get a number of different abilities, or go "deep" into a few specific abilities.[25]


Respeccing (resetting and reallocating) adventuring skills may require travelling to a specific location rather than being able to be done on-the-fly.[21][22]

I am still conflicted on whether or not I want to allow respecs on-the-fly. I believe that respecing should be done at a particular location that requires a bit of transit and some strategic thinking ahead of time about the encounters that you're expecting, but respecing your class should be relatively easier obviously with that constraint of being at a particular location.[21]Steven Sharif
  • Swapping between multiple saved specs may be able to be done after a suitable cooldown period.[26][27]
  • Respeccing artisan skills is going to be more difficult than respeccing adventuring skills.[21]

Active skills

Players can build their characters with the active skills they want on their action bar (hotbar).[29][30][31]

Some people like to have a very minimalistic number of hot bars. They don't need necessarily to have three, four, five hot bars that are available; but some people do like that: They want to have all their items listed on their hotbar as well as their abilities, as well as as their mounts, as well as anything that they can essentially interact with as an icon.[35]Steven Sharif
  • Players are not given skills as they level up, they must choose what skills they take.[25]
  • There is no spellbook requiring memorization.[36]

There will be multiple hot-bars that you obviously have available, because you're going to have consumables, you're going to have active skills and whatnot. But the number of active skills are not going to overwhelm necessarily the character and be irrelevant especially at certain stages.[29]Steven Sharif

Primary skills

Alpha-1 preview primary skills.[37]

If from the eight archetypes whatever you choose as your secondary, you're going to receive a choice of augments that relate to some core ideal of that class. You know like a tank is about controlling the battlefield, is about surviving. The mage is about dealing damage and elements and ability in AoEs. The rogue is going to be about stealth and critical damage. So those augments are going to to play towards those identities.[38]Steven Sharif

The idea behind the system is that you're skirting the line through these augmentations of your role, right. We have the traditional holy trinity that's present in class designs for MMOs and it's often that those either are not deviated at all or completely deviated from entirely. The augment is to offer a balance between that where you still maintain the semblance of that trinity system while offering the opportunity to customize your play experience towards one of the other angles in the triangle.[39]Steven Sharif

Primary skills (class abilities) are based on a player's archetype.[40][41]

Universal skills

Universal skills, such as active blocking and dodge rolling, are able to be unlocked by all archetypes.[20][45]

Outside of your class-specific skill tree, there's going to be a subsection of a few skills that are universal, like active block, like dodge; and I think what we're going to do- or at least what we're going to be discussing here- is those universal skills will have progressions that might align with your passive tree; and you can spec skill points into progressing additional features of those universal abilities that you will have access to. So I think that's probably going to be the direction that we're going to take.[45]Steven Sharif
  • Skill points can be used to unlock universal skills at the expense of unlocking class-specific skills.[20]
Q: Will each archetype be equally efficient with universal skills, like dodging and active blocking, or will each of them have their own versions and flavors, or will some people be more powerful than others?
A: We want to provide a progression path that's shared for those universal skills across all the archetypes. So when you spend skill points, you can choose to spend them within the universal skill set and unlock particular ability types for the universal skills as well, but you will be spending them from the skill points that you would normally spend within your class-specific skill tree; and this offers again a different wheel of customization that I think is interesting.[20]Steven Sharif
  • The developers will be testing the use of separate energy mechanics for universal skills in Alpha-2.[48]
  • Universal skill progression may align with a player's passive skill tree.[45]

Weapon skills

Alpha-2 work-in-progress weapon skill tree.[49]

The intent here is to give you choices. Either I want to extend and improve my combo, or I want just passive benefits that increase my attack speed or crit chance.[49]Brian Ferguson

Weapon skills grant passive skills and proc effects and other status conditions rather than usable skills on a player's action bar.[50] The more skill points that are allocated to the weapon tree, the greater a player's weapon familiarity. This influences things like the number of attacks, attack speed, and increased chances of proc effects from carrying out basic attacks with that weapon. These procs may offer synergy with the player's active skills.[51][52][53][54][55][56][57][58][59][16][17][60][2][61] This synergy also applies to active skills from other characters.[52][15]

Weapon skill trees are skill trees that you can unlock and invest points into as you continue to develop your experience with certain weapon types, certain weapon groups, like a dagger; and when you're doing your basic combo attack with those weapons, which is universal for all classes- anybody can use any type of weapon because stats can be changed on these weapon types through crafting and through drops- there will be certain proc effects that live on the weapon skill tree as you advance in them; and those proc effect effects will be able to interact with your archetype skills because they will have promotion type effects that occur when they synergize with one another.[51]Steven Sharif
Our approach is not going to be providing skills through weapons. It's going to be providing skills through classes.[54]Steven Sharif
Let's say a dagger has some slashing effects that bleed the target or that cripple the target... Every time you attack you have a chance to proc that effect. That effect then can synergize with what your active skills tree has available to it. So let's say your backstab deals 30 additional damage to a bleeding target. If you attack with your main weapon first and the target gets the bleed proc off and you do your backstab skill then you're synergizing your effects.[17]Steven Sharif
Let's say backstab that you can apply to deals damage to the target and it'll have a conditional modifier on that damage if you're behind the target, and it'll have a conditional modifier deal additional 50 damage if the target is under a bleed effect. So you want to synergize essentially your weapon proc conditions with your active skills so that you're timing your certain active skills appropriately with the status conditions that the target has taken.[16]Steven Sharif

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