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Snared Effect icon.png

Snare is a type of status effect in Ashes of Creation.[1][2]

Skill Icon Base skill
Crippling Blow Crippling Blow.png Deal Physical damage and apply Snare to target enemy for 6 seconds.[3]
Grapple Grapple Icon.png Takes aim for a moment before hurling a hooked chain in a line, damaging the first target it contacts and immediately pulling them to the caster. The target suffers a tapering snare for 3 seconds.[4][5]
Imbue Ammo: Weighted Imbue Ammo-Weighted.png Imbues your ammunition with weight. Enemies hit by your bow attacks suffer the Snared status effect, reducing their movement speed by 50%. Each application applies 3 seconds of duration to the target, up to a maximum of 12 seconds. 10 charges.[6]
Leap Strike Leap Strike.png Leap to target location and deal damage around you, snaring targets hit for 3 seconds.[7]
Vine Field Vine Field reskin.png Summons 3 fields of grabbing vines, one at the target location every .5s for 1.5s. Targets hit are damaged for 10% physical damage and snared for 3s, reducing their movement speed by 40%. Targets that have more than 10s of snare duration are rooted. This effect can only trigger once per target.[8]

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