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Pre-alpha tavern.[1]

Inns and taverns dot the rural lands of Verra, and serve as crucial waypoints between destinations. However, one tavern has a unique patron that not many would expect. A man by the name of Fent is the owner of the quaint establishment, and upon entering, patrons may notice a large furry mass in the corner. Closer inspection reveals it to be no less than a fully grown bear, complete with his own bear sized flagon of mead.[2]


Taverns are a type of business building that can be placed in nodes or on freeholds.[4][5]

Many adventures begin in a humble tavern. I’m sure many of you have memories from pen and paper adventures that begin in a small town, with a small town tavern and small town problems. Over time, it becomes a headquarters. You go there to rest, to eat, to hear gossip and meet friends. It’s a home away from home and your connection to the world when you’re not on a quest.[5]
If there was a hunting ground nearby that is very populated, we could set up a tavern [to] sell food buffs and drinks that is really good for XP bonuses or increase to your loot chance or something like that.[7]John Collins

Tavern progression

The longer a tavern is in business and the more patrons served, the faster the tavern will level up.[9][10]

Q: What benefits do players receive for taking on the role of a tavern owner?
A: You will get noticeability with regards to your creations because that will be displayed to the characters that consume those things; but, in addition, you can get certain types of itemization rewards depending on the number of patrons that you serve. You can also reap economic rewards, such as gold from the inn that you are selling your goods at. And then you can unlock access to certain types of recipes and or vendors based on the level of reputation you build up in that particular node.[9]Steven Sharif
  • Taverns have tech trees that allow the tavern owner to specialize and upgrade specific bonuses and services provided by the business.[11][10]
info-orange.pngAlcune delle seguenti informazioni non sono state confermate di recente dagli sviluppatori e potrebbero non essere nell'attuale roadmap di sviluppo.
  • There may be quests that can only be gathered from player-owned taverns.[10]

Freehold progression

Le strutture delle proprietà sono in grado di salire di livello in base alla durata ed alla produttività della proprietà.[12]

  • La progressione della proprietà sblocca nuovi bonus, abilità e capacità.[12]

Vogliamo che ci sia progressione in molti sistemi e parte di quella delle proprietà è che, quando stabilisci le costruzioni base, più queste esistono e si dimostrano produttive, più opportunità avranno di salire di livello: offrendo nuovi bonus, nuove abilità, nuove capacità; anche perchè sopravvivere in questo mondo è un'impresa di per sè, quindi è ricompensata permettendo la progressione con queste cose.[12]Steven Sharif

Tavern consumables

Players will be able to buy food and drink from a Tavern, some of which will be supplied by the tavern owner or other patrons that they get their menu from. These consumables will offer tangible benefits to players that stay within a certain proximity of the tavern itself.[13][14][15][5]

  • Tavern buildings can be upgraded to increase the proximity radius that the consumables provide.[14]

If a player chooses to construct a tavern or a business on their freehold, they can offer food through that tavern and players who are visiting the area doing hunting quests can visit the tavern, eat food if it's available, and they will receive a buff that is proximity based essentially if they hunt around that person's business... Additionally that business can be upgraded through the access of additional blueprints as well as resources that need to be then poured into the building; and if they do so that proximity radius expands.[14]Steven Sharif

Characters will have some agency over what consumables are available in taverns.[13][14] This could be tied to supply quests or available resources within the region.[16]

Characters will have a defined region of agency over what is available in the different taverns, whether they be taverns located within the city or taverns located on a freehold; and those could be tied to supply quests that are then done by the players. They could also be regionally determined by availability of resources.[17]Steven Sharif

If you're a tavern over on the western side you might have different grains, spices and mead there; and over on the other side of the world there might be taverns with completely different things.[17]Jeffrey Bard

Tavern NPCs

The way that the tavern NPCs are going to work is you'll have patrons of either in-node taverns that will have the ability to list items as part of that NPC's merchant store and those items will mainly be around food and drink; and those types of craftable things that are relevant to these taverns; and those items will grant buffs based on proximity. And then additionally players can build taverns on their freeholds- we've discussed this in the past- they will list their craftable foods and drinks and whatnot with their NPC at that tavern as well; and players who interact with that can purchase them- have a drink at the tavern, eat some food at the tavern; and that'll give them a buff for a period of time as long as they remain proximity of that freehold.[13]Steven Sharif

Tavern NPCs ("bartenders") are merchants that are present in Taverns in nodes and on freeholds.[13][15]

  • Tavern NPCs sell food, drinks, and other crafted items that have been made for that tavern. Consuming these items will grant buffs for a period of time, providing the character remains in proximity to the tavern.[13][15]

You're going to probably want to sell items to other players more than necessarily tavern merchants but they'll be there as well.[13]Jeffrey Bard

Tavern communications

Taverns offer private chat and voice communications for all patrons within the building.[5]

  • Tavern proximity voice chat may be available based on testing.[18]

Chat bubbles

Chat bubbles will be able to be toggled on or off by players. There will be options to manage the bubbles to reduce visual clutter.[19][20]

We do want to include chat bubbles. We do want to include a host of options that will allow you to manage those bubbles so you can turn them on, you don't see just a field of bubbles.[20]Jeffrey Bard

Tavern music

info-orange.pngAlcune delle seguenti informazioni non sono state confermate di recente dagli sviluppatori e potrebbero non essere nell'attuale roadmap di sviluppo.

Music within taverns can be set by players.[5]

Tavern rooms

Owners of taverns are able to rent out rooms. The quantity and quality of rooms scales with the level of the tavern.[5]

Giochi di società

Giochi di società (tavern games) are games that are played in player-built taverns or in-node taverns.[21]. Some will be dice games, others will be card games; and some will be less savory.[22]

The idea behind the tavern games is to create another social interface. This is where players that are loving the RP aspect of MMORPGS- they want to walk into a tavern and meet new people and play games.[23]Steven Sharif
  • These games will involve aspects of both chance and skill.[22]
  • They must be played between 2 or more people.[22]
  • Players will be able to wager in-game currency against other players.[22]
    • The developers are considering a secondary currency for tavern games that would enable purchase of cosmetic items through a secondary currency market.[23]
    • There may be a ladder system that contributes to gaining this currency based on placement on the ladder.[23]
    • The alternative is to use the regular currency (gold).[23]
  • A portion of the income from the game goes to the tavern owner or node.[21][22]
  • Parlor games will vary based on the predominant race of a node.[23][22][24]
  • There may be unique games that can be acquired through adventuring in the world.[23]
  • Tavern owners dictate the table cost of parlor games. The node's mayor dictates the tax rate that applies when money exchanges hands.[25][26]
When a player wants to engage in a game, they may sit at a table, and another player may sit down with them. At that point the gameplay layer for the mini game will open in a user interface window. Depending on the type of game.[26]Steven Sharif

Giochi di società were a Kickstarter stretch goal.[27]

Bulletin boards

info-orange.pngAlcune delle seguenti informazioni non sono state confermate di recente dagli sviluppatori e potrebbero non essere nell'attuale roadmap di sviluppo.

Bulletin boards are available within nodes[29] and player taverns.[5]

Tavern security

  • There is no provision for owners to block or ban patrons from entering their tavern.[8][35]
There are plenty of mechanics for you to exercise your dislike of another player especially through PvP and we don't want to hard code in divisive systems, such as either excluding movement of a player character into a certain area, such as your Tavern; or banning somebody through that method.[35]Steven Sharif

Freehold security

Freehold owners are able to set permissions that grant access to their artisan and business buildings' services.[36][37][38][39][4]

Freehold ownership is designated by one account only and then the family system is the system that facilitates multiple accounts having permission basis within that freehold.[40]Steven Sharif
  • Freehold permissions are intended to work with the family and guild systems.[36][37][38]
    • It is still not determined if freehold permissions will be able to be granted to individuals outside those social structures.[37]
    • Freehold permissions may only apply to battalions/micro-structures within a guild.[41]
    • Interaction with the guild system will be tested in Alpha-2.[42]
Permissions to help manage your home are handled through affiliations like your Guild and family system. When setting permissions for your Freehold to do things like enter the house, interact with furniture, access Freehold storage, interact with crafting and processing stations, and harvesting gatherables on a Freehold, you can set if your Guild or family members should be able to do these things.[36]

Players cannot steal from a freehold under normal circumstances.[36][46][47][48]

  • Items stored in a freehold become lootable after a successful siege against their parent node.[49][36][48] It has not been decided which players get to loot the debris field during this period.[49]
Only players given permission to do so will be able to do things like access your Freehold storage, and harvest crops and animals on your Freehold. These permissions are capable of being individually assigned per interaction. Note that if the node associated with your Freehold is successfully destroyed during a siege event, attackers will be able to assault Freeholds, and have a chance to pillage them for their resources.[36]

Players cannot Pvp while inside the footprint of a freehold homestead even if the doors are unlocked.[36][50] This does not apply for a period of two hours following a successful siege against its parent node.[51][52][53][54]

Your home building is safe from PvP. While on the footprint of your home, you can not be harmed by damage from other players.[36]
  • NPC guards may be available for hire to defend freeholds after a successful node siege.[54] NPC guards that permanently exist on a freehold are not a planned feature.[55]

Rested experience

Taverns offer rested experience (rested XP) for those who rent rooms or spend time as patrons of the tavern.[11][5]

  • Rested experience allows players to gain experience at a faster rate for a period of time.[5]
  • There are no current plans to replace rested experience with another bonus for max-level players.[57]
  • Rested experience increases the rate that experience debt is paid back.[58]

Bounty hunter maps

Corrupted players with a high enough corruption score will be visible on the world and mini maps. These players will have markers posted on the map by an NPC from a Military node of at least stage 4 (Town), and will only be granted to players who have the Bounty hunter title.[59][60] The accuracy of bounty hunter maps is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[61]

Taverns are one of the locations that bounties will be posted. As players gain corruption, taverns may offer bounties to eliminate those players; or have a specific area cleared of problem players, thus giving a POI (point of interest) on the world map.[5]

Bounty hunter Pathfinding ability

Skill Icon Base skill
Pathfinding Reveals corrupted player locations on the bounty hunter's map.[59][62] Activating this ability will flag the bounty hunter for combat only to corrupted players for a period of one hour from the time of activation.[59] The pathfinding ability can be toggled on or off.[59][63]

Tavern lore

Fent's Tavern

Inns and taverns dot the rural lands of Verra, and serve as crucial waypoints between destinations. However, one tavern has a unique patron that not many would expect. A man by the name of Fent is the owner of the quaint establishment, and upon entering, patrons may notice a large furry mass in the corner. Closer inspection reveals it to be no less than a fully grown bear, complete with his own bear sized flagon of mead. Fent and the beast harbor a strong kinship, and on a particularly raucous night, the two will even have a good wrestle on the tavern floor. Many have pressed Fent for the tale of his unlikely companion, and although it is one he is willing to tell, there's always a solemn gleam in his eyes when he tells it.[2]

Years ago, when Fent was still a young hunter, he was out during a particularly harsh blizzard. Every tree in the forest looked like the others, but as luck would have it, he stumbled upon a cave. Fent managed to get a fire going and intended to stay until the torrent outside ceased. While waiting, he fell asleep, but was startled awake when he heard something slowly creeping through the cave towards him. He quickly bounded up from the floor. A bear from deep within the cavern had wandered close to the entrance, and despite his fear, Fent slowly began to reach for his knife. The cave reverberated with the bear's roar as it charged. It knocked Fent down, but not before he managed to jam the blade deep into its neck. Fent kept blindly stabbing even as he was being mauled, kicking and gnashing against the beast. The bear struggled, then finally stopped. Fent laid there for what seemed like forever, straining to catch his breath. Eventually, he gathered to his feet with a wince. Amidst his senses, he began to hear a faint whimpering. A wayward cub had wandered its way to the grim scene. It mewled after its mother, yet there was no reply. Guilt welled up in Fent's body, even as his body wracked with pain. Feeling responsible for this young cub, he placed it next to him alongside the fire, and tried to nurse his wounds as best he could. After visibility had improved, he took the cub onto his shoulder, and slowly made his way back to his home.[2]

The cub proved to be troublesome to care for at first. He was almost always hungry, and Fent awoke several times in the middle of the night to the telltale clattering of the larder being raided. Fent deemed that the cub needed a dwelling of his own, and decided to place the beast within the shed. The cub would still mewl, despite the warmth of its new home. Although hunting, was Fent's primary vocation, he had a knack for brewing in his spare time. Fent decided to use some local honey as the base of his new brew. A concoction sure to quickly allow the bear to slip into the realm of sleep. After all, bears love honey. Months of experimentation had yielded a potent mead that, though quite a quantity was required, certainly put the bear out. Despite the circumstances, the bear looked to Fent as his caretaker, and the two began to trust each other. The beast had taken an unexpectedly great liking to Fent's mead, and in honor of his discovery, named his friend Mug.[2]

Years later, after deciding that brewing and running a tavern would be far safer than being a hunter, Fent opened his own. Mug is surprisingly capable in helping around the tavern, and after a hard days work, loves to relax on the floor with a large flagon of mead; usually alongside other equally relaxed floorborne patrons.[2]

The Mighty Beard

You arrive in a town called Marrow’s Mead, and before long you find yourself in a tavern called The Mighty Beard. You see some fellow travelers, and the rag-tag band happen to sit at your table. The table is old and worn, water damage certainly from spilled beer. The tavern is lively, a barmaid seems to dance between tables as she holds pint glasses by the dozen. A rosy cheeked dwarf slams her ale down and challenges a behemoth of a Ren’kai to an arm wrestling match. Music walks its way to your ear, and begins to run as the Elf increases tempo. You feel at home, and your could-be companions at the table begin speaking.[5]

Battle maps

info-orange.pngAlcune delle seguenti informazioni non sono state confermate di recente dagli sviluppatori e potrebbero non essere nell'attuale roadmap di sviluppo.

Battle maps allow players to strategize, gain bonuses on planned attacks, and see the blueprints of attackable points. Whether attacking a node or castle, players will be able to discern defenses, analyze possible weak points and gain tactical advantages before the battle begins.[5]

  • Battle maps might not fit into lower level or smaller sized taverns.
  • Battle maps are not currently on the official roadmap for launch.[64]


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