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Undead is a mob type in Ashes of Creation.[3]

Undead mounts

List of undead mobs


Undead mobs near the Wreckage of Carphin in Alpha-2.[7]

These particular undead are a result I believe- for those of you who are watching the livestream of the Wreckage of Carphin- the event that occurred there just before the Exodus from Verra all those years ago.[7]Steven Sharif

Okay, third piece of lore. Unknown, Laria and Varric during their ritual in desperation to grant more time to the capital, as was requested by the council and the royal family both, they performed an unknown repercussions from this ritual. The mass killing of so many burned victims from the explosion of the ritual caused a corruption to grip both Laria and Varric. This corrupt mist began flowing down from the tower, its source unknown to you just yet. But its effects have turned the residents of Carphin undead. And in the surrounding areas and along the river's edge. It did, however, have the effect caused the Ancients the inability to cross the waters. And so they began to construct an apparatus of their own to get their legions across to the capital. But this bought the time necessary, you would assume. These levels open up; and at the fourth floor, you see halls reserved for only the most private of wizards. These artisans use these halls as research labs and also a construct boundary. Built to be deliberately secure and private, the winding halls lead into an open experiment room where mages would tinker with ways of improving construct through more unethical means. A number of them have been left unattended, but you are able to sneak around them to reach the Nexus Gate.[8]
This floor contains a large summoning and sacrifice room. The mages here originally used it as a teleport nexus, but as the world fell into ruin, this was transformed into a sacrificial chamber. The small quarantine and customs rooms changed into jailing cells as the mages over recent weeks turned to more desperate rituals to deal with the collapse of Verra. Compromising their ethics and their conscience, they perform forms of magic none should ever see: Long forbidden, long forgotten, only to the Ancients was this known. And it turns out the unknown voice from which was aiding and abetting her pursuits, was indeed an ancient: one familiar with this world, one who treated with a member of the world- With a member of your kind in the past, known as Atrax, the one beyond the void who was giving Laria the information she needed to perform the ritual she did had ulterior motives. Its effects now seen on the grounds around the tower as undead roam the countryside.[9]


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