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Caravan masters are NPCs at caravansary buildings within nodes.[1]


A caravansary (also known as caravanserai) is a default service building that comes pre-built with every node (of Village (fase 3) or higher). This is where caravans are constructed, prepared for launch, and are unloaded.[1][5][7][8][2][9]

  • Caravan drivers will see a visible perimeter around nodes that represent a disembarkation radius, which is similar to the deployment line. When a caravan crosses this line it will no longer be able to be attacked.[10][2] Guard NPCs spawning to escort the caravan to the node's caravansary was not shown on the latest caravan preview.[2]
As you approach cities, caravansaries will confer a radius around the node; and that radius will be something visual to you in the world as you're approaching another node; and you will see a line- a disembark line where when you cross that line you've reached the safety zone; and that line cross is outside of the node in a similar distance, but also based on caravansary upgrades, that the placement of the caravan at launch is; and so you only have to make it to that line, and once you do the events surrounding the caravan and the ability to attack that caravan stops and it gets auto-moved into the caravansary. Guards will start to materialize around it. They'll grab the reins of the horse and begin to move the caravan slowly to the caravansary and now you've reached a pit stop; and at that pit stop this can either be your final destination or you can relaunch it again. You don't have to stop at nodes along the way to your destination. If you want to keep going you can keep going: You want to cross rivers, you can cross rivers. You want to go out into the ocean with a little raft caravan, you can do that too; and you can go to a destination and you can stop there and unload there. But if you're running into trouble, if you're under assault, if you're a near attack and there's a node nearby with a caravansary that you can stop at, you can start directing the caravan towards that node and all you got to do is make it to that finish line outside of the node; and when you do the caravan auto will move towards caravansary.[2]Steven Sharif
  • Caravan insurance will not be provided as an in-game system.[13] Previously it was stated that insurance was able to be purchased from a caravansary prior to the launch of a caravan.[2][9]


Item Icon Type Tier Set Rarity Level requirement Source Cost
Adorned Carriage Adorned Carriage T5.png Caravan component Epic Caravan masters
Kaelar Horse Kaelar Horse.png Caravan component Common Caravan masters
Plated Armor Plated Armor T5.png Caravan component Epic Caravan masters
Reinforced Chassis Reinforced Chassis T5.png Caravan component Epic Caravan masters
Reinforced Wheel Set Reinforced Wheel Set T5.png Caravan component Epic Caravan masters
Repulsor Sphere Repulsor Sphere T3.png Caravan component Rare Caravan masters
Restoration Generator Healing Aura.png Caravan component Uncommon Caravan masters
Simple Carriage Simple Carriage.png Caravan component Common Caravan masters
Summon Caravan SummonCaravanIcon.png Carovana Common
Swift Kaelar Horse Swift Kaelar Horse T5.png Caravan component Epic Caravan masters
Wooden Chasis Wooden Chasis.png Caravan component Common Caravan masters
Wooden Wheel Set Wooden Wheel Set.png Caravan component Common Caravan masters


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