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Doren Greyshore was a famous Aelan explorer who founded The Greyshore Company.[1]

Hundreds of years before the first Harbinger appeared in the Verran sky, under the rule of King Fentis Lyneth VIII, there lived a great Aelan explorer named Doren Greyshore. Doren sailed the first ships to the shores of Erinthia, where he established one of the wealthiest guilds the 10 seas had ever seen: The Greyshore Company. Their motto - to this day - still holds true: "The sails of diplomacy are driven by the winds of trade, within the seas of opportunity."[1]

The Greyshore Company

The Greyshore Company (also known as Greyshore Transporters) is a social organization in Ashes of Creation.[3][4]

Greyshore Transporters is a renowned shipping company, originally founded in pre-Exodus Verra. The business fled Verra during the Harbinger Apocalypse. After surviving, and even flourishing, during the Sanctus Interregnum, they returned to Verra with one of the first waves of expatriates. Now fully re-established on Verra, the company’s extraordinary expertise with planning, conveyance, and logistics, and its unparalleled familiarity with ground, sea, and air transportation methodologies have made it one of the most successful businesses transplanted from Sanctus. To the Transporters, it is never a question of if their client’s cargo will reach its desired destination, only of how quickly it will make the journey, and how much it will ultimately cost.[4]

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