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Aela, the capital city of the Aelan Empire prior to the Exodus.[1][2][3]

This concept art shows the capital city of the Aelan empire before the fall which left it in ruins. [2]

Prior to The Fall, the Aelan Empire was Verra's largest nation. The Empire used its armies to bully many city states, bending them to its will.[4]

The Aelan empire is the most recent successor of the once great house of Lyneth. For over one thousand years the house of Lyneth ruled over the Aela. A golden age endured for most of their reign. It was only during the dawn of [the last century before the fall], during the Great War of the Undying that the house fell. With no suitable heir to the Lyneth throne the country fell into chaos. What arose is the fragile republic we see today. Overseen by the Emperor elected through the Council of Five: The five who govern the greatest cities on the Empire. The Aelan empire is by far the largest nation in all of Verra, with over eight million souls among its inhabitants. Aelans also represent the single largest population on Verra. Their borders touch upon every other nation; and with their interests of expansion on the seas of Verra, they are able to deploy their widely feared armies to any shore. The Empire uses this fear to bully many city states, bending them to their will. Those who deny the will of the Empire often find themselves at the end of a sword.[4]Steven Sharif

Aelan humans

Gli umani Aela sono divisi in due razze: Kaelar e Vaelune.[7]

L'impero Aela è il più recente successore della, una volta grandiosa, casata Lyneth. Il casato dei Lyneth ha governato su Aela per oltre mille anni; un'era d'oro durata per quasi tutto il periodo del loro regno. La casa cadrà soltanto durante la Grande Guerra dei Non Morti. Senza un'eroe adatto al torno Lyneth, il popolo cadde nel caos. Quello che ne uscì è la fragile repubblica che vediamo oggi. Governata dall'Imperatore, eletto grazie al Concilio dei Cinque: i cinque che governano le città più importanti dell'Impero. L'impero Aela è di gran lunga la nazione più estesa in tutta Verra, con oltre otto milioni di anime tra i suoi abitanti. Gli Aelan rappresentano anche la singola popolazione più numerosa in tutta Verra. Confinano con ogni singolo stato e con i loro interessi di espansione nei mari di Verra, sono anche capaci di schierare i loro temuti eserciti su qualsiasi costa. L'Impero usa questa paura per opprimere molti stati, piegandoli al loro volere. Chi mette in dubbio la volontà dell'Impero si ritrova solitamente alla fine di una spada.[4]Steven Sharif

I precursori di entrambe le razze Aelan e Pyrian furono i Torens, che erano sostanzialmente mezzelfi.[8]


The Wreckage of Carphin zone.[9]

Carphin was a large city of the Aelan Empire, which housed the Empire’s most prestigious university. At the university stood a tall tower used by the most prolific mages in their studies of the essence. That tower now serves as an expansive vertical dungeon with lost treasures and antiquities fraught with dangers and terror not for the faint of heart.[10]Steven Sharif

The Wreckage of Carphin is a zone in the Riverlands biome.[9]

Carphin was one of the great cities of the Aelan Empire and it's now in ruins.[9]Jeremy Gess
It was a focus of the mages and study of the Aelan Empire. Carphin was a city that had a great mage population, so it had a university there. And things went bad there in the last days of the fall. They made some desperate measures in a really awesome quest series that Scott's written up.[12]Jeremy Gess
We've talked a lot about how corruption- this red influence and the use of how this evil-esque type of magic influences the world around you; and this is a great example in the city of Carphin where you can see how a variant of that corruption- blood magic variant has its own style guide, its own indication of what is going on in this area... In Alpha-1 you saw a few of that- a couple places for the corruption influences back in '21, but it's a large part of how these zones adapt and can change around. Corruption is always trying to encroach on civilization.[13]Steven Sharif

Laria Lemonte

Laria Lemonte 3D turntable.[15][14]

Laria Lemonte is a powerful wizard who has unfortunately gone down a dark path.[15]

Laria Lemonte, Head Mistress at Carphin University, was one of the most important mages in the Aelan Empire at the time of the fall. Heeding advice from an unknown origin, she engaged in desperate and dark acts in a fruitless attempt to save the Aelan capital city Aela from destruction.[16]

  • The blood sacrifice of Veric Pulsifer began a ritual that led to the mass killing of the residents of Carphin, turning them undead.[17]
The curse of Carphin was born from blood magic.[18]Steven Sharif
  • The unknown voice who was aiding and abetting her pursuits was the same Ancient that perverted King Atrax from beyond the void.[19]
  • The corrupt mist flowing from the tower did delay the legions of the Ancients in their progress toward the capital until they constructed an apparatus to allow them to cross the river.[17]

Orders of the Seven

The orders of the seven are religious organizations corresponding to the seven grand temples of Verra.[20]

  1. The Order of hope is an Aelan human order based in the capital city of Aela. The patron deity is Resna.[20]
  2. The Order of fate is a Kaivek orc order headquartered in the capital city of Ren. Patron deity is Norlan.[21]
  3. The Order of truth is a Pyrian elven order headquartered in the capital city of Amera. Patron deity is Shol.[22]

Within the temples of the seven there exist different levels of organizations that call on only the most devout followers to serve. Depending on the follower's skills, services could mean many things. For those among the followers who hold a certain set of skills, there are the orders of the seven. Each of the orders answers to a different hierarchy within the various grand temples of the seven that are found throughout Verra.[20]Steven Sharif


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