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Caravan components affect the available inventory capacity of a caravan.[2][3]

  • There is a tradeoff between certain caravan stats and benefits provided by caravan components.[4][5]
If you're a solo player and you don't intend on transiting a lot of materials at once, you may not need the large cargo capacity, but instead you want the faster speed because you intend to outrun any potential adversaries that you might face on the roads. That is a viable strategic option for you when constructing your caravan. In addition, you saw that there are a number of different abilities that caravans can be equipped with based on the loadout of the components that you have for your caravan that is also going to influence how you interact with PvP and potential adversaries.[4]Steven Sharif
Item Icon Source Rarity
Reinforced Chassis Reinforced Chassis T5.png Caravan masters Epic
Wooden Chasis Wooden Chasis.png Caravan masters Common


Caravan with 2x5 cargo inventory capacity.[1]

Cargo is the official name of supplies that are transited by caravans and ships.[6]Steven Sharif

Cargo refers to crates that are transported by caravan, ship, or mules.[7][6]

There are... three primary methods by which caravans transit the world. The first is when players are moving commodities. The second is when players are moving materials and resources, and that's to your question. That's relevant because materials and resources across the world are unique to the geographic region in which they are produced or which they spawn, and crafting stations are located at certain nodes, and nodes specialize the types of crafting stations that they can have; so the transit of those materials across the world is a necessary component of keeping the economy alive; and where there is a demand there will be a supply. So that's with regards to the second reason for transiting caravans. The third is when mayors and system generated caravans transit the world. This is for nodes to acquire certain types of node commodities or node resources that they need to initiate public Work projects and to initiate construction projects.[9]Steven Sharif
  • Cargo stays on the caravan (or ship) until it is unloaded.[14]
When you land a caravan it doesn't automatically flood the node's cargo with the stuff that was on your caravan. It stays on the caravan as additional cargo storage.[14]John Collins
  • Caravan speed is currently not affected by the weight of the cargo being transported.[15]


Commodities crates found in caravan wreckages are marked with a green symbol.[27]
Materials crates found in caravan wreckages are marked with a black symbol.[27]
  • There are small, medium, and large crates.[28] The higher quality the crate, the greater its capacity.[21]
Commodities can go into Crates to move them. If someone loses a Caravan, in the wreckage there are Crates. If you get a Crate to a Caravansary you can unpack it.[25]Ry Schueller
  • Glint must be transported via crate when in large quantities.[32][21]
  • Crates will undergo testing and iteration during Alpha-2.[21]


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