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Alpha-2 Freehold homestead.[1]

Your Freehold isn’t your home without a house, and a house is the first building you will be prompted to build on your Freehold. To build a house, you’ll need a Freehold house blueprint, and the required materials for constructing your home. Building blueprints can be acquired in various ways, and each blueprint has unique benefits for the types of services provided through the building. A Freehold can only have one single house building, but house buildings can be small, medium, or large for Freeholds. Bigger houses have more floors, and more room for things like furniture. It is also important to note that the blueprints save the progress made on upgrading a building to higher tiers. If a Freehold ever falls due to the successful siege of the Node in which the Freehold resides, all blueprints for housing, artisan buildings, or businesses are returned to the player, and blueprints save their progression and upgrades.[2]

Homesteads (homes) are a type of freehold building in Ashes of Creation.[2][3][4][5]

A small house, for example, might only be able to place 100 Furniture items, whereas a medium or large house would be able to place many more; and so that's a balancing factor for players in determining if they want to have a larger house, or have a smaller house and have more farmland, whereas they're sacrificing furniture then for that.[8]Kory Rice
info-orange.pngAlcune delle seguenti informazioni non sono state confermate di recente dagli sviluppatori e potrebbero non essere nell'attuale roadmap di sviluppo.
  • Mansion sized homesteads may occupy up to 50% of a freehold plot.[7]

Freehold benefits

Homestead size dictates how much furniture can be placed on a freehold.[3]

Freeholds offer the following benefits in addition to other player housing benefits.[3]


Furniture in an Alpha-2 freehold.[13]

Furniture in your house can be for more than just looks, as some furniture can have a functional purpose on your Freehold. For example, your bed can be something that helps people get rested experience. After they’ve rested up, this rested experience will increase their experience gains for a period of time. Some furniture can augment the benefits received from consumables, enhancing their power or extending the duration of their effect.[2]

Furniture may be cosmetic only, or may contain bonuses relating to the level of the furniture maker (carpenter).[2][15][3][16]

  • Crafted furniture may contain bonuses based on the quality and grade of the furniture.[15][17]
  • Furniture does not have any limited use aspects and can be set up again at a new location if the player housing is ever destroyed.[19]
  • Components of unique furniture recipes will be drops. The rarity of these items will scale based on the power it confers to the specific type of furniture it constructs.[20]
  • Players can manipulate and preview the orientation of furniture and other placeable items.[21][22]
Furniture isn't just necessarily there for looks but also may contain certain bonuses on some rotational period.[16]Steven Sharif

Player housing/safe zones

Currently the plan is when you're on the footprint of a home, you can't be damaged by other players. Like all things that are a work in progress, this can change... which ties to your other question. Where specifically PvP can or can't happen isn't a core pillar. For example, when we said while on the footprint of your home building on a Freehold that you can't be harmed by other players, this doesn't change a core pillar of the game. Alpha Two will be significant moment for us to test, to get feedback, and iterate on things.[24]Ry Schueller
  • Players are not able to be attacked or robbed while occupying their player stall inside the limits of a node.[30]
Q: Does 'home' also mean apartment or in-node house?
A: Home is the "home area" of player housing. Instanced apartments and inns are player housing.[23]Ry Schueller

Housing destructibility

Player housing designs and decorations are retained and can be placed again later if the housing is destroyed during a node siege.[2][31][32]

Housing foreclosures

Housing foreclosures result from failing to pay property taxes or other fees.[34][2]

  • Non-payment of taxes will put the housing into a default status. The player will have a period of time to settle the debt before the housing is foreclosed.[34]
  • The developers are considering allowing pre-payment of housing taxes and/or allowing auto deduction of tax from a designated location, such as their personal inventory or warehouse.[35]
If you don’t pay taxes and other fines, your Freehold property will be foreclosed. When a Freehold is foreclosed on, stored and placed props like furniture are returned to the previous owner. Materials that were stored on a Freehold will be included in the auction for the Deed to that Freehold.[2]

List of homestead building skins

Cosmetic freehold building skins for homestead buildings.[2][37][3][38]

[ All homesteads ] [ Small homesteads ] [ Medium homesteads ] [ Large homesteads ]

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